BTS’s Jin Will Make The Perfect Dad One Day & Here Are 8 Reasons That Prove It  

#5 is one of his sweetest traits.

Jin still has a long career with BTS ahead of him, but when he finally decides to settle down, he’s sure to make a great father. Take a look at 8 reasons that prove Jin was born to be the best dad.

1. He looks so cute with kids

Remember when Jin played a hotelier for BTS WORLD alongside child actress Lee Han Seo?

The two were so cute together, it’s impossible not to imagine Jin with a real daughter of his own when you watch them.

2. He’ll keep his children well nourished

Last year, Jin scored the #1 spot on a ranking of idols with the best cooking skills—something that will definitely come in handy when he has a child.

We’re certain he’d always cook them the most nutritious and delicious meals.

3. Jin practically raised Jungkook

Since Jin and Jungkook are around five years apart in age, Jin always took a fatherly role in his dongsaeng’s life.

Jin drove Jungkook to school as a youngster, showed him around Seoul, and even took him to eat with his own family.

4. He gives the best guidance

When asked about how Jin shows he’s the eldest of the group, J-Hope replied that his hyung nature really shows when Jin helps to lead him in what’s right and wrong.

Jin’s future child is sure to grow up with a great head on their shoulders thanks to him.

5. Guys who love pets make great dads

Guys who love animals always turn out to be great dads, and that definitely describes Jin.

Jin loved his sugar gliders and dog so much, he even released a song inspired by them (titled “Tonight”).

6. He’ll know how to have fun with his kids

No one wants parents who are too serious. Thankfully, Jin would definitely know how to have fun with his kids—by pulling pranks on them, just like when he sprayed his members with water.

7. He’ll pass his confidence onto his kids

Despite being “Mr. Worldwide Handsome”, Jin wasn’t always as confident as he is now.

Part of what helped him grow his self-esteem is by looking in the mirror and praising himself. Those tips will be much appreciated by Jin’s kids one day.

8. He already has a child

Of course, Jin already has a “child” of his own—BT21’s RJ.

If Jin is this caring towards a character, imagine how he’ll be with a real kid one day.