7 Times BTS’s Jungkook Was Caught In A Lie On Camera

He doesn’t lie often, but when he does, it gets caught on camera!

Catching BTS‘s Jungkook in a lie is like spotting a rare butterfly. It’s not impossible, but it doesn’t happen often. The Golden Maknae is honest, forthcoming, and he rarely cheats at games, but every once in a while he gets caught fibbing like the rest of us!

1. When he denied being a cuddler

At a fan sign, Jimin outed Jungkook as a cuddler. “Everyone,” he said. “Jungkook hugs me when he sleeps.” 

Jungkook denied this, saying, “He’s saying weird things.”

When Jimin asked him if he likes cuddling, Jungkook said that he does not.

This evidence says otherwise!

2. “I’m not a rabbit. I’m human.”

Not only has Jungkook called himself a rabbit…

…after denying it…

…he also hid his bunniness by stashing carrots in his bag during a skit.

3. “I’m not your oppa”

In the 2014 song “Boy in Luv”, Jungkook sings, “I want to be your oppa”…

…but during this time, he wasn’t actually a fan of being called “oppa“.

Of course, now that he’s a grown up hyung, he doesn’t mind being an oppa as much!

4. When he called himself an “international playboy”

Technically, this is less of a lie and more of a running joke from BTS’s rookie days. While playing around with the lyrics to “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2”, Jungkook translated the Korean for “The name is Jungkook, my scale is nationwide” to “My name is Jungkook. Scale is…international playboy.”

“Playboys” are generally extroverted flirts, but at the time, Jungkook was very shy around girls. Who isn’t at that age?

5. When he fibbed about his number of points and V completely lost it

This episode of Run BTS! was 30 minutes of straight sneakiness, but Jungkook is the honest one, right? Not this time! V’s over the top reaction screams, “You have betrayed me!”

6. “I’m not a baby.”

When ARMY called him a baby during a live stream, Jungkook denied it.

He isn’t a little kid anymore, but the Run BTS! staff begs to differ!

7. When Jin and Jungkook straight up lied to RM

Jin was making loud crying sounds during a live broadcast, but when RM walked to ask what was going on…

…Jungkook denied hearing any noise.

That, of course, was a lie!

8. BONUS: The time he completely failed at lying

When BTS wrote anonymous letters to each other, Jungkook accidentally exposed his identity by calling V hyung and mentioning his computer. Jungkook is the only one young enough to call V hyung, and he was the only one who had a computer in his bedroom!