BTS’s Music Videos May Look Like CGI But They Actually Aren’t

Don’t let your eyes fool you!

You may have watched a BTS music video and wondered to yourself, “Wow those computer graphics are really good!” Surprise! Most of BTS’s music videos are actually not CGI and are all real-life sets. There are even some scenes where you would have no doubts of it being CGI that actually aren’t that will shock you. Let’s take a look at some of the scenes from their music videos.

In the “IDOL” music video, they used real sets and props for most of the scenes, which is  hard to believe considering some of the shots looked totally unreal.

The pile of clothes in “Spring Day” was actually hand-made in real-life!

“FAKE LOVE” is also known for the famous running scene with Jungkook. Although it may look like CGI, the floor actually fell away in real-life using a special machine.

The “Boy with Luv” and “IDOL” stage was also built by hand.

The statues and figures for “Blood, Sweat and Tears” and “FAKE LOVE” were also made and did not use CGI.

This water scene was also done in real-life, which shocked many people who watched the video.

This scene also did not use CGI as they had strings attached to the set that was pulled to create the effect.

The train tracks and bus stop in “Spring Day” are all famous locations now in Korea thanks to the music video.

“SAVE ME” location is also a popular spot to visit among fans.

“ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film also did not use much CGI and used a lot of physical locations.

What might also shock you is that the man on fire in the “FIRE” music video was also not CGI.

Fans recall Suga trying to film this part as fast as he could for the safety of everyone.

Most recently, Agust D‘s “Daechwita” music video was filmed at Daejanggeum Park and did not use CGI for the set.

Do you know of any other surprising scenes from BTS’s music videos that don’t use CGI? It’s amazing to see how much effort and time they put in together as a team to try and not use CGI as much as possible.