BTS’s V, RM, And Jin Are Perfect Examples Of The Types Of People At Karaoke

What type of Karaoke person are you?

We all know that there are certain types of people that can’t help it when they are at karaoke. Let’s take a look at BTS’s V, RM, and Jin’s take on the different types of people.


The ‘Creating Dance Moves To Match The Lyrics’ Person

Here RM is giving a great example of those people that can’t help create dance moves to match the lyrics of the song. RM is pounding his chest to express the pain in his heart.




The ‘I’m a Rapper But I Can Do Everything Else Too’ Person

V continues to show that he can not only rap, but also sing and create harmony as well.




The ‘Give Me What You Got I Can Make It Work’ Person

Jin naturally joins in and shocks everyone with his perfect pitch and ability to create harmony regardless of who is singing.




The ‘Let Me Create The Beat For You’ Person

V also grooves to the beat in the strangest way, considering not many people usually groove like this for a ballad.



The ‘Needs To Do Harmony For Every Part’ Person

Although Namjoon’s role is rapper, he is known to always belt out vocals and harmony when he can.



What type of person are you at karaoke? Let us know!



Watch the full video clip below!