Here Are All The Buildings YG Owns Himself

Check out all these properties that YG owns himself!

1. YG Entertainment building (~$10 million)

The YG Entertainment building, which is located in Hapjeong-dong, is owned by YG himself. The building was built after he purchased the land through an auction. The 7-story building includes a gym, music/dance studios and even a cafeteria. YG been purchasing multiple other properties in the Mapo-gu area where he has lived his entire life.


2. YG’s dream house in Hapjeong-dong (~$8 million)

YG built this 6-story building, which includes a basement floor, near the YG Entertainment building in Hapjeong-dong. The building is home to YG’s family. He invested around $5 million USD to buy the land and created his dream house within 4 years. The 5th and 6th floor is used as living space for his family and the 1st to 4th floor apparently has various facilities for YG’s family and the YG entertainers to enjoy. The building is only 300m from the YG Entertainment building so it allows him to spend more time with his family even when he has busy schedules.


3. Townhouses in Yeonhui-dong (~$7 million USD)

YG has also been purchasing a series of townhouses near the YG Entertainment building since 2011. YG Entertainment owns 16 out of the 18 townhouses which were purchased at about $300,000 USD each. These townhouses were purchased to use as training centers and to house YG trainees. He is apparently creating a “YG town” with these townhouses in addition to the YG Entertainment building and his dream house.


4. Shopping centers in Hongdae (~$28 million USD)

YG also owns two shopping centers on one of the main streets of Hongdae. The famous Samgeori Pocha Restaurant building has a total of 6 floors including 2 basement floors and is worth about $16 million USD. It took him 8 years to complete the construction of this building which now houses the Samgeori Pocha Restaurant, a club, a karaoke room as well as a famous salon. The 4-story building right next door is also owned by YG and also has 2 basement floors as well. The building is known to be worth about $12 million USD.


5. Vacation home in Jeju Island (~$2 million USD)

YG’s luxury home in Jeju Island is located in a private area with extra security and houses the top 1% of the wealthy. The homes in this area are all equipped with a swimming pool, master room, sub-master room, guest room, terrace garden and hinoki bathtubs. It is also known as the main shooting location for 2NE1‘s “Do You Love Me” music video.

Source: Woman Sense and TV Report