We Can Guarantee You’ve Never Heard Of These 20 K-Pop Groups With Less Than 50K Views

Some of these groups can only be found from reposted videos!

Hundreds of K-Pop groups are made each year in hopes to make it big, but most don’t succeed. In fact, many can’t even make it to 50,000 views let alone one million. We have scoured the internet to find the most obscure groups in K-Pop. Here are just 20 that we have found that are under 50k views, so you can be deeper into K-Pop history than you ever have before.

20. “Summer Love” by ALiKE (currently 53,162 views)

| Adagio TV Russia

This trio formed in 2018 by Base4 Entertainment and can be easily found at ALiKE_official on YouTube. Each member has an unexpectedly unique voice and the summer concept is peppy and refreshing. In fact, this song is so well made it could very much fit in with today’s popular hits. The music video and promotions are made very well compared to some of the other small companies. It’s pretty surprising that they didn’t rise up.

In June 2019, member Wookjin confirmed that they have disbanded.

19. “깜빡이 (Turn Signal)” by VENUS (currently 51,113 views)

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Created by the same company as DIA and BAE173 in 2019, VENUS can be found at PocketDol Studio on YouTube. They are a trot group formed by the survival show Miss Trot. While the trot genre is generally not the most popular, these girls make it feel very fresh and acceptable for the younger generations.

They have not been disbanded, however, they have not made another song since “Turn Signal” and all of the girls are supposedly in different companies now.

18. “Yellow Pink” by LIPBUBBLE (currently 48,534 views)

| Zenith Media Contents

LIPBUBBLE’s video can be found at ALL THE K-POP on YouTube, however this is not the original posting. While the video is exactly the same, it had to be reposted as the company, Zenith Media Contents, deleted the original. Their music video featured a unique TV and video game vibe that was bright and playful. Though, perhaps it didn’t launch well because of fans stating that they allegedly copied MOMOLAND concepts.

The girls debuted in 2017 and have confirmed disbandment in 2019. Some members have moved on to other groups or acting careers.

17. “유후후 (YOO-HOO-HOO)” by HEYGIRLS (currently 42,775 views)

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This 2017 group was formed by Moai Entertainment and can be found at HEY GIRLS on YouTube. They actually began as Black Queen all the way back in 2012 but have rebranded to HEYGIRLS. Despite the low-budget, you would almost never know. The girls truly sell the story, set, and props. The outfits are adorable and the song easily gets stuck in your head.

Member Heesu, has decided to leave, however it was announced that they will add two new members. As of today, they have not disbanded. Show them some love!

16. “BUNNYBUNNY” by Oh!Bliss (currently 41,166 views)

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Found at JT Corea Entertainment on YouTube, this group was formed in 2016. While the singing and dancing were a little rough around the edges, this group received plenty of love from Brazil. It’s a very cute song and the outfits are quite eye-catching. It reminded several viewers of “Like A Cat” by AOA.

There has been no official disbandment, however, they haven’t been heard from since 2017.

15. “하트뿅(Heart Ppyong)” by Sugar Tint (currently 38,293 views)

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This 2018 group’s song can be found at K-POP NO.1 UnicornTV on YouTube as the original official video from Ramah Entertainment was taken down. The video quality is almost annoyingly blurry, but it is unclear if it’s because of the ’80s concept or the very small budget. However, once you get passed the video quality, the lyrics, keyboard, and dance are incredibly catchy and have had our writers singing “hearteu ppyong, hearteu ppyong” throughout the day.

Sadly, the group silently disbanded.

14.”Freesm” by HASHTAG (currently 37,469 views)

| LUK Factory

Made from the same company (LUK Factory) as NOIR and PURPLE, this 2017 group can effortlessly be found at HashTag_official on YouTube. The concept for this particular music video fits the group’s strengths very well, however, the backlighting was perhaps too much. They have a great sound and it’s disappointing that they never made it that far. It is theorized by fans that a big reason why they didn’t take off was that their name was difficult to search for.

They have not disbanded and are pretty active on social media despite being slower than most K-Pop groups in releasing music videos. Three members are also a part of PURPLE. Give them a listen!

13. “오빠어디야 (Oppa, Where Are You)” by A.N.D.S (currently 27,193 views)

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Also known as A Dear Younger Sister, this group debuted from CGM Entertainment in 2014. They can be found at 걸그룹아는동생.ANDS on YouTube. Admittedly, this music video is kind of a mess and looks like a high school project, but you can tell the girls had a very low budget. Despite this, you can see the girls put in a lot of effort, and is yet another song that will be stuck in your head for days. The girls are very cute and had so much potential.

The group disbanded in 2017 and one of the members, Rai, is now a YouTuber.

12. “Temptation” by ATT (currently 21,391 views)

| KPOP Asiachan

ATT, which stands for Asian Twinkle Treasure, debuted with Broad Entertainment in 2015. They can be found at Official_ATT on YouTube. This sultry, jazzy song certainly needed some work, but it’s a strong debut. The production value was surprisingly well done for such an unknown group and company.

Sadly, the group only lasted until 2016. One member is now a model and another is a streamer.

11. “DVD” by Yellow Bee (currently 20,339 views)

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Yellow Bee was formed under Addiction Entertainment in 2017 but received an entirely new line up in 2019. This video can be found at 옐로비 Yellow Bee on YouTube. The girls had so much potential and the music video is so catchy. You can just feel the girls’ energy and talent.

The group disbanded in 2020 with a statement from the company saying it was because of a member’s “promiscuous behavior”. Later, member Ari, accused the company of “slut-shaming” and accused employees of sexual assault towards the members.

10. “파업선언 (STRIKE)” by ABRY (currently 18,837 views)

| Kpop Fandom Wiki

ABRY is a girl group formed by withHC back in 2017 that stands for All Been ReadY. They can be found at ABRY Official on YouTube. This song is simple but appealing and almost has a ’60s, Hairspray vibe. It is a very soft and enjoyable song with simple but effective choreography.

The group is now a duo as member Yeji left for personal reasons in 2019 and Soeun left in 2020. The group has not disbanded but have not put out a song since 2019.

9. “VALENTi / Starry Night” by PurpleBeck (currently 15,684 views)

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PurpleBeck is a 2019 girl group formed by Majesty Entertainment. Their music video can be found at DanalEntertainment on YouTube. This song is very comforting and almost homey. The personal, everyday girl vibe the video gives off helps bring that feeling to the heart. The production is quite good and it makes you really want to know the girls.

PurpleBeck is still active! Go give them some support!

8. “Purple Lips” by Dorothy (currently 13,513 views)

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This 2016 girl group’s video can only be found in low quality at XanXhi5 on YouTube as the original from leek.mill has been deleted. This song is extremely good and has very impressive visuals for such a small company. Many were big fans of the catchy lyrics and fun dance. It’s almost impossible to think that this didn’t gain any traction.

The group seems to have disbanded sometime in 2017, based on the deleting of songs.

7. “잠이 안 와 (ZZZ)” by S2U (currently 12,202 views)

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This 2017 group’s video can be found at OneShot Entertainment on YouTube. Despite the extremely low views, this music video became an obscure meme on the internet because of the cringe-y opening. Once you get past the opening and the few bad camera shots, the song is actually pretty captivating. The girls are beautiful and seem to be having fun, despite needing a little fine-tuning.

In 2019, their producer announced that they had disbanded.

6. “Like It” by Chic Angel (currently 10,396 views)

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Chic Angel debuted in 2017 under Liz Entertainment and can be found at LIZ ENT_Official on YouTube. Although the song is pretty noisy and has some distracting beats, it’s very well produced and quite catchy. With some minor tweaks, you could mistake this song for one from a popular girl group today.

There has been no official disbandment and it seems like they are still around even though their last song was in 2019.

5. “KETCH UP” by MOXIE (currently 7,708 views)

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MOXIE is a duo created by URBAN Entertainment in 2016. They can be easily found at URBAN Entertainment on YouTube. These girls are incredibly talented and many of the fans wanted them to go on the show Unpretty Rapstar because of their skill. The song has a great beat and is well-produced. The amount of views are truly shocking.

According to J.Bin, they are on hiatus.

4. “One Four Three (말해뭐해)(1.4.3)” by AWEEK (currently 3,932 views)

| Kpop Fandom Wiki

Don’t be alarmed! Yes, we are at our first boy group. It’s no secret that there are many more successful boy groups than girl groups. Yet, we have found this group with just under 4k views. AWEEK is a boy group formed in 2019 by Illusion Entertainment and OneWorld Entertainment. They can be found at AWEEK OFFICIAL on YouTube. This video’s colors are very pleasing to look at and the boys’ voices are very skilled. The camera angles can get weird at times but overall this is such a cute and energetic song.

AWEEK is still active, give them a try!

3. “Mr. Liar” by ASHA (currently 3,197 views)

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Debuting under CM Entertainment in 2015, the group did not gain any traction at all. Ignoring the audio quality, this song has a very catchy chorus and had a lot of potentials. The half school uniform, half sports jersey outfits were interesting to see as well.

The group is speculated to have disbanded in 2016 as they have been inactive ever since. One of the members, Nara, now has a solo career.

2. “기회를 줘 (Give me a chance)” by ZEST-Z (currently 2,787 views)

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ZEST-Z is a subgroup of ZEST under Zenith Media Contents that debuted in 2014. They can still be found at ZEST on YouTube. This song is so lively and fun that we can’t believe that it’s this low on the list. The boys had a lot of talent and you could tell they were very enthusiastic about the song.

ZEST has been removed from the company homepage and none of the members are still under contract with them.

1. “Mwah” by TROPICAL (currently 1,380 views)

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If you thought it couldn’t get any lower than that, surprise, we’ve found one that’s under 2k. Another group formed by LUK Entertainment, TROPICAL debuted in 2018. Their song can be found at DanalEntertainment on YouTube. Although the music video isn’t the most interesting or unique, it is well-shot and well-produced. Not to mention, the song can get stuck in your head easily as the girls’ voices are quite skilled. It’s almost unbelievable that a song like this could be this incredibly low.

The group was sadly confirmed to be disbanded in 2019 by member Jooeun.