16 Hilarious Canadian ARMY Memes To Welcome BTS To Canada

Welcome to Canada, eh?

BTS has just landed in Canada to perform three concerts in Hamilton, Ontario for their Love Yourself world tour. These superstars have not been in the country since 2015, so Canadian ARMYs are ecstatic to see them again. Here are 14 hilarious memes, ARMYs have tweeted out to welcome BTS back to Canada.


1. “Trudeau is shaking.”

RM for Prime Minister? Canadian ARMYs just might vote for BTS’s leader to become the new leader of Canada!


2. “Right in front of my poutine.”

This meme-able moment was brought to you by V!


3. “Chimbits”

This punny meme is a play on words. It combines Canada’s donuts of choice, Tim Horton‘s “timbits” and Jimin‘s nickname, “Chim Chim”.


4. …and even more Chimbits


5. Maple syrup tears

These tears might sting a little…but they would also taste very sweet!


6. “Crying in Timbits”

Canadian fans who are not able to attend the concerts may shed a tear in the form of these delectable donuts.



J-Hope never forgets to pack his extraness.


8. “Why must you hurt me this way, eh?

Some Canadians say “eh” more than others, but all Canadian ARMYs would love to hear Jimin say this!


9. Packing light

Last time BTS visited Canada, fans snapped these unbelievable airport photos. Maybe BTS packed lighter this time?


10. Canadian swag

Winter coats, poutine, maple syrup, Tim Horton’s coffee, and a flag? BTS is definitely ready for their Hamilton shows!


11. Canadian GUCCI

V is going GUCCI…Canadian style!


12. This BTS hamster is every Canadian ARMY right now.


13. Each one of BTS’s Hamilton concerts will be this guy multiplied by about 20 000, minimum.


14. All 8 members of BTS, rocking Canada’s colours


15. Canadian Swag Pt. 2

If Jungkook wasn’t your bias before, he might be now. Eh?


16. Canadian 404 error