We Can’t Believe How Much These 7 K-Pop Idols Are Loved By Babies

They’re just too cute!

What could possibly be cuter than a baby? The only thing we could think of would be our favorite K-Pop idols playing with babies!

Let’s take a look at seven idol and baby interactions we can’t get over:

1 . BTS’s V

In the middle of a fansign event, an ARMY brought their baby girl to meet BTS! Nobody could get over how adorable they were together, and the girl even looked up for a selfie with him.


This baby was absolutely in love with Lisa. The little girls eyes would follow Lisa every time she moved, and constantly reached out to try and hold onto her!

3. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

When MONSTA X got to be teachers in a pre-school class for a day, one baby got particularly attached to member Hyungwon! After their lunchtime, young Siwoo fell sound asleep in Hyungwon’s arms.

4. BTOB’s Minhyuk

During BTOB‘s Japanese promotions, a little boy named Naoki ran up to his favorite idol Minhyuk and gave him the biggest hug he could. Naoki is actually quite well known among MELODYs, BTOB’s fanbase, and even traveled all the way to Korea when Minhyuk had his solo debut!

5. TWICE’s Nayeon

On the set of Return of SupermanTWICE went to see all of the children that were participating in the shoot. A young boy named Sian took a liking to Nayeon right away, expressing his love for her with a kiss!

6. Red Velvet’s Joy

When Red Velvet greeted William and Bentley during their visit on Return of Superman, William was a total gentleman. Not only did he give the entire group a finger heart, but he made sure to personally give Joy a kiss as well!

7. EXO’s Kai

Another group of idols that had precious interactions on Return of Superman was EXO. One highlight was when Kai was holding onto baby Gunhoo, who eventually fell asleep on Kai’s shoulder while wearing a cute reindeer onesie!

Which idol/baby interaction is your favorite?