11 Catchy Songs With Unexpectedly X-Rated Lyrics

You’ll never think about these songs the same way again.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You fall in love with a song and decide to look up the English lyrics, only to discover that it’s not the PG bop you thought it was. In fact, it’s X-Rated! Here are 10 songs that made fans say, “Whoa! Did they really sing about that?”


1. Brown Eyed Girls – “Warm Hole”

There’s no point telling yourself to get your mind out of the gutter because that title really does mean what you think it means. Not convinced? Here are just some of this song’s super NSFW lyrics: “So hot in down there / Fire in the hole / When you come in right there / I’m not feeling very well / So love me right here”.


2. VIXX – “Chained Up”

We’re not 100% sure, but it sounds like there might be some S&M wordplay happening. “You gaze straight through me / over the whip that made me submit /
(That’s right, good boy)”. Good boy? More like “oh, boy”, because this song’s lyrics are bound to make you blush! Just check out these lines: “I love her, every night I fall asleep by her head / I want her, I can’t refuse her, can’t refuse her”.


3. Park Kyung (Block B) – “When, Where, What, How”

Now here’s a song that quickly escalates into risque territory! In this sweet-sounding slow jam, Park Kyung describes exactly what he wants to do with the girl he has woken up next to. “Hey girl, come closer here / Teach me how to play hotly / Without even knowing, everything about you / Shakes up my insides / When, where, what, how, why, did I after waking up in the morning.” Cold shower, anyone?


4. Seungri feat. G-Dragon and Taeyang (BIGBANG) – “Let’s Talk About Love”

There are many different kinds of love in this world, but in this song the BIGBANG guys aren’t talking about the holding hands while strolling on the beach kind of love. Seungri sings, “Lonely, lonely, I’m getting lonely / If you’re with me, this night will be great”. G-Dragon raps, “From your head to your toes, I won’t miss a single part / Scream louder, I want to fly / You want to climax? I be ya thriller”. Taeyang‘s lines aren’t PG either. He says, “I shine in the darkness and I’ll steal your body / Sorry baby I ain’t sorry biatch”. Whoa.


5. Red Velvet – “Ice Cream Cake”

This sugar-sweet bop gets a little scandalous during the chorus. “Please give me that sweet taste, ice cream cake / With a flavor that fits this special day / The ice cream that’s on my mouth / Makes your heart pound and you’ll come to me / It’s so tasty come and chase me / I can’t hold it in I scream, You scream / Gimme that, Gimme that Ice Cream”. Now, Red Velvet might really be singing about ice cream (because ice cream is awesome) or…they might not be. You decide!


6. Changmin (TVXQ!) – “Heaven’s Day”

Don’t let this pretty song fool you; the lyrics aren’t nearly as innocent as the title implies. This song is actually about a couple having sex for the first time. “Your body calls out to me / I’m stubborn, it has to be you / Make love, love / make it right make / Even after tonight, be mine”.


7. Girls’ Generation – “Boyfriend”

This song falls into the gray area, as far as NSFW songs are concerned. “So many boys wanna give it to me / But I want you boy, give it to me / Cause I’m so ready boy, give it to me”. Give what, exactly?


8. TVXQ! – “Mirotic”

TVXQ! didn’t write “Mirotic” as a sexual anthem on purpose, but that’s what it became thanks for this line: “I’ve got you under my skin”. The Korean Commission of Youth Protection declared that the lyrics were provocative and, as a result, the album was labeled with stickers indicating that it was unsuitable for people under 19 years old.


9. 9MUSES – “Gun”

This song doesn’t sound dirty…until you read the lyrics. “If you just fumble around with your clothes / The day will be over / If you just awkwardly hesitate / The day will be over”. These lines could imply something R-Rated, or not, depending on whether or not you interpret them as, “stop stalling and get undressed already!”.


10. BIGBANG – “Bae Bae”

This soothing BIGBANG song is melodic and sweet, but its lyrics have some sensual content. “Like rice cakes, like rice cakes / Our chemistry, our chemistry”. In Korea, ”making rice cake” is a slang for sexual intercourse.


11. Dal Shabet – “Be Ambitious”

This girl group isn’t shy about putting on a sexy stage show but, even so, this song is much more sexual than one might expect. “We stay up all night just talking, / Even when you’re drunk, you just go home / Are you really a guy? /Or are you just shy?”.


BONUS: TVXQ! – “Purple Line”

Unlike most of the other songs on this list, a less than stellar English line made this song unintentionally dirty. Old school fans will never forget that moment when Yoochun sang, “I really wanna touch myself”. It was supposed to mean “I really wanna get in touch with myself”, but that’s not how English speakers interpreted it!