10+ Celebrities And Global Businesses Who Are Swerving Into BTS Jimin’s Lane On His Birthday

Jimin received love and birthday wishes from around the world. ๐Ÿ’œ

October 13 is now officially “Jimin Day” as fans, celebrities, and businesses rally around the globe to celebrate the beloved BTS member’s 27th birthday!

Here are 21 celebratory posts by celebrities or businesses in honor of Jimin’s birthday!

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1. The Empire State Building

In 2019, the Empire State Building showed its love for BTS by turning purple in honor of the powerful global group. They shared a photo from the occasion for Jimin’s birthday.

2. Chucky

Just in time for Halloween, Chucky, from the classic horror film and new SYFY series, shared “it’s Jimin’s birthday but let’s make things interesting,” while asking ARMYs to choose between BTS ARMY and “Chucky ARMY.”

Of course, ARMY always stands behind BTS, so the choice was obvious.

| @myloveseokjin/Tumblrย 

3. GingerBrave

GingerBrave, a character in Cookie Run: Kingdom, the action role-playing game BTS recently collaborated with, celebrated Jimin’s birthday with an honorary post.

4. The Webby Awards

The Webby Awards, awarding excellence to the internet annually, used a clip of Jimin’s incredible live performance of “Filter” during BTS’s virtual concert, Map of the Soul ON:E.

5. Benny Blanco

American music producer Benny Blanco wished his “Bad Decisions” music video muse a “happy birthday” with a post of them wearing the same purple outfit from BTS’s “Dynamite.”

6. MTV

MTV honored Jimin with a gif of the idol from BTS’s “Yet To Come” music video.


MTV UK also joined in the birthday wishes with a sweet post dedicated to Jimin who “makes [their] heart smile.

8. YouTube Music

YouTube Music asked for help celebrating Jimin’s birthday with a gif of him from BTS’s “Dynamite” music video!

9. Universal Music Canada

Universal Music Canada celebrated Jimin’s birthday with a collage photo of the star and a post encouraging fans to celebrate with BTS’s anthology album, PROOF.

10. “Papa Mochi”

British actor and host of The Late Late Show,ย James Corden, who was affectionately dubbed “papa mochi” by Jimin, wished “baby mochi” a happy birthday in reference to their hilarious exchange on BTS’s episode of Carpool Karaoke.

11. “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

The Tonight Showย wished Jimin a happy birthday with a gif from when BTS was a guest on the show four years ago. The clip of their interview withย Jimmy Fallonย named BTS “the biggest boy band on the planet.”ย 

12. Teletubbies

The popular British children’s show, Teletubbies, wished Jimin a happy birthday by saying, “you make the universe brighter,” with a photo of BTS and British rock band Coldplay from their collaboration song “My Universe.”

13. TinyTAN

Of course,ย TinyTAN alsoย wished Jimin a happy birthday, updating fans on what Jimin’s TinyTAN character was up to with a precious illustration.

14. BTS Island: In The SEOM

BTS Island: In The SEOM celebrated Jimin’s birthday with a clip of BTS’s In The SEOM characters gathered on a giant cake.

15. VOGUE Korea

VOGUE Korea shared Jimin’s interview from BTS’sย Theย Inside Storyย of ‘BTSย Special’ย edition of VOGUE Korea released last year.

16. Liam McEwan

New Zealand media personality, Liam McEwan, shared his love for Jimin on his birthday by posting a compilation of some of their interactions together.

17. GoFood Indonesia

BTS partnered with the Indonesian technology company Gojek this summer, which includes GoFood. The company posted a photo of Jimin from BTS’s endorsement pictures and wished him a happy birthday in Korean.

18. Tokopedia

Tokopedia, another company under Gojek, wished Jimin a happy birthday with an additional photo of the idol from their endorsement pictures.


Thai rapper MILLI posted a sweet birthday message to Jimin, calling him her “motivation of many things in [her] life.

20. Pandora

Online music streaming service Pandora wished “dancing legend” Jimin a happy birthday with a photo of the icon stealing hearts and looking dapper in a suit at the 2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball.

21. Edward Barsamian

Vogue.com style editor Edward Barsamian shared a mesmerizing photo of Jimin from the BTS member’s upcoming photobook,ย Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and Jimin ‘ID:Chaos,’ along with a special message for Jimin.

Check out the article below to see how ARMYs celebrated Jimin’s birthday with his dad!

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