Top 8 Most Chaotic Moments From SHINee’s Key And Taemin’s Live

They spoiled a new song?!

SHINee‘s Key and Taemin went live recently while they were in between schedules. Of course, anytime these two are together chaos ensues. Here are all the best and most chaotic moments from the live.

1. A shaky start

The live began with Key making sure they got some decent lighting, followed by checking himself out (as he should).

2. Taemin keeping things official

After that rough start, Taemin attempted a quick save and began the live by introducing both himself and Key as SHINee.

3. Trying to matchmake

Apparently, their manager is single and the members are ready for him to mingle!

4. Taemin’s exercises

If you ever wondered how Taemin got his face to look so handsome, it’s probably from whatever kind of jaw exercise this is.

5. Key’s TMI

Key began a rant about dancing with heavy shoes and its effect on his feet that resulted in now going to work barefoot.

6. Health tips from Taemin

Stan a man who cares about your health too!

7. They spoiled a new song!

They intentionally spoiled a new SHINee song, including a mini-concert with lights!

8. Posing while ending

The guys tried to strike a pose simultaneously ending the live. Manager ended up having to jump in and help.

Source: SHINee/V LIVE