10 Times K-Pop Groups Starred In Their Own Cheesy Movies And K-Dramas

Have you seen Super Junior’s feature film?

1. GOT7 – Dream Knight

GOT7 starred in this 12-episode high school drama as “dream knights”, keychain plushies that turn human in order to protect the girl they love. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have seven dreamy knights by your side, then this show is for you.


2. Stray Kids – What If You Are A JYP Entertainment’s Trainee?

In August, JYP Entertainment and Dingo K-Drama released a 10-minute film starring the members of Stray Kids. This K-Drama short follows a fictional female trainee named Kim Dingo during her first day at JYP Entertainment. Throughout the movie, Kim Dingo struggles to keep her fangirl feels under wraps as she runs into the handsome Stray Kids members.


3. Super Junior – Attack on the Pin-Up Boys

In 2007, Super Junior starred in this comedy about flower boy students who suddenly find themselves under attack (via flying bags of poop). The members band together to find out who the next flower boy target will be, in the hopes of stopping it before it happens. If you’re in the mood for wacky comedy and Super Junior antics, then this one is for you!


4. BIGBANG’s parodies

The BIGBANG members have always had a great sense of humour, but they really took it to the next level when they starred in a series of K-Drama parodies, dressed as the original characters…

…even the female ones!

BIGBANG did parodies for 4 popular K-Dramas between 2009 and 2011: The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, Beethoven Virus,  Boys Over Flowers, and Secret Garden. 

In each parody, the members were determined to do the original justice by staying true to the plot, even if that meant doing kiss scenes!


5. ASTRO – To Be Continued

In 2015, ASTRO starred in their own 12-episode K-Drama, To Be Continued. At the peak of their popularity, ASTRO is mysteriously transported back into time to relive the day before their debut. Why? You’ll have to watch it to find out!


6. EXO – EXO Next Door

In 2015, EXO gave fans the gift of EXO Next Door, starring actress Moon Ga-young and several EXO members. The story follows a shy 23-year-old girl who ends up living next door to her favourite K-Pop group, EXO. Chanyeol, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun move into her neighbourhood, in the hopes of taking a break from the spotlight. They hire this superfan as a house cleaner and, according to the laws of K-Drama, this inevitably leads to complicated love triangles.

This web drama became so popular that it was re-edited into a film version and sold to overseas buyers at the 68th Cannes Film Market.


7. SF9 and AOA  – Click Your Heart

Click Your Heart is the first ever choose your own ending drama. This interactive high school romance stars AOA‘s Mina and SF9‘s Rowoon, Dawon, Chanhee, and Juho. Mina’s character is a lovable transfer student who starts receiving attention from four different, yet equally charming, male students. Who will she end up with? It’s up to viewers!


8. KARA – “Secret Love”

In 2014, KARA released this 5-episode romance drama. Each episode stars one of KARA’s members and tells a different love story. This mini-drama covers first love, breakups, unrequited love, and more, so be sure to check this one out if you’re in the mood for romance!


9. Jumping Girl

This full-fledged, 15-episode romantic drama stars a cast of K-Pop stars from various groups: Hana (formerly of Secret), f(x)‘s Luna, and Block B‘s B-Bomb and U-Kwon. It tells the story of an ordinary woman who becomes the victim of a public witch hunt after being mistaken for a sasaeng fan.


10. TWICE – Descendants of the Sun parody

BIGBANG isn’t the only idol group who loves their parodies. TWICE once starred in a parody that recreated scenes from the mega-hit Descendants of the Sun.