Here Are 5 Of The Best Moments From ChenJi’s This And That Season 1

Chenle’s ramen recipe is fire.

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle and Jisung are practically attached at the hip, and their series ChenJi’s This And That further proves the power of their friendship. Without further ado, here are five of the best ChenJi moments that made us laugh and go uwu:

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Chenle and Jisung’s trip to Shanghai

Chenle was excited to show Jisung his home city, but first they had to visit his adorable nephew before dropping their stuff off at home. It’s no secret that Chenle and his family is well off in regards to money, but Jisung still being shocked by his convertible, swimming pool, and lush garden backyard filled with plants and vegetables was how all NCTzens felt watching this episode.

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Making key rings for all the NCT members

What better way to show your love and appreciation for your fellow members than through a handmade gift? The duo made personal keychains for each of their members and filmed their reactions as proof of finishing the activity. It’s clear that the members have a soft spot for their two youngest as they gushed over their handiwork.

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Jisung’s Birthday Surprise

Chenle was tasked with holding a birthday party for Jisung’s birthday, and decided to take him and the rest of NCT DREAM to a restaurant to eat steak. He also spelled out “💩손❤️JS” in the SM Entertainment building using square and rectangular seats. Friendship at its finest.

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Chenle’s birthday surprise

Jisung also held a surprise birthday event for Chenle with help from his NCT DREAM members. While Jisung distracted Chenle, the rest of the members were tasked with decorating a practice room. From writing “Birthday Happy” with the balloons instead of “Happy Birthday,” to screaming in fright from a popped balloon, the event was every bit as chaotic as expected.

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Making ramen

Chenle revealed his ramen recipe and hosted his own mini cooking show with Jisung as his assistant. Using tomatoes, eggs, and a few other Chinese and Korean ingredients, Chenle showed Jisung how to elevate his ramen meal. And no, Jisung, you don’t need to wash your tomatoes with soap. Water is just fine.

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