5 Times Chungha Got Scared From Winning

Chungha never gets used to winning.

When you’re as successful as Chungha, you’re constantly winning. Yet surprisingly, winning is something that never fails to startle her!

Chungha | @CHUNGHA_MNHent/Twitter

Here are 5 times Chungha got scared from winning:

1. At MAMA in Japan

At the 2017 MAMA Awards in Japan, Chungha won the award for “Best of Next.” As her name was called Chungha, appears unaware she has just won the category. It wasn’t until Yoojung of Weki Meki grabbed her in celebration. Chungha definitely had a late reaction but we love her for it.

| Mnet K-Pop

2. At Inkigayo

Chungha received her first win with her hit song “Gotta Go” on January 9, 2019. Following her first win, Chungha just kept winning. Despite getting first-place so often, she’s never prepared for the confetti.


3. At Music Bank

Whether at big music awards like MAMA, Music Core, Inkigayo, or Music Bank, Chungha is always surprised to win.

| KBS Kpop

4. At Music Bank

You would think after winning so much, she would know what’s coming. Check her adorable reaction from her Music Bank win with “Snapping.”

| KBS Kpop

5. At Music Core

Another win means another heart attack for Chungha.

| MBCkpop 

Hopefully, Chungha gets used to winning enough to where she doesn’t get startled anymore. Or, maybe not — since we love seeing her adorable reactions! 😜

Source: MBCkpop, KBS Kpop, SBS KPOP and Mnet K-Pop