Chungha’s Habits That Are Relatable AF For Homebodies And Sleep Deprived People

Socializing is hard.

Chungha is known as one of the most talented artists in K-Pop due to her great dancing and singing skills. She has great charisma and stage presence that just pulls viewers in.

That doesn’t mean Chungha is like this off stage. Whenever she does have a break, she just likes to do lie down and do absolutely nothing. Here are 10 moments where Chungha was relatable AF.

1. When it’s time to wake up

2. Your definition of relaxing

3. Lying down whenever you see the chance

4. When you’re asked to socialize

5. Wanting to move as little as possible

6. Your “hobbies”

7. When people want you to go outside

8. The best part of being home

9. Wanting to go back home

10. Setting up to move as little as possible