Southeast Asian Citizens Choose Which Korean Celebrity They Want To Meet The Most

The celebrity who ranked first place has been gaining immense popularity in the region!

A survey conducted by KOTRA on 1,734 residents of the 10 ASEAN countries, excluding Brunei, and 281 Koreans working abroad asked which Korean celebrity the participants would like to meet the most. Here are the results!


5th – Lee Min Ho

After gaining more and more popularity since his appearance on the classic drama Boys Over Flowers, the handsome actor has now become a top-class celebrity known to all! Lee Min Ho was ranked 5th place.



Being one of the first idol groups to gain worldwide fame, BIGBANG took 4th place in this survey.


3rd – Ban Ki Moon

Source: UN

The reputable former Secretary-General of the United Nations was ranked in third place. Ban Ki Moon was so popular in Korea that many were supporting him as a potential candidate for the 2017 South Korean presidential elections and it seems like his popularity spreads to the ASEAN region as well.


2nd – BTS

With the powerful international fame they have accumulated, it’s not a surprise that they took second place!


1st – Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo was the celebrity that the residents wanted to meet the most. She is apparently very popular recently in the ASEAN region due to her variety show programs as well as beauty programs.


Source: dongA