CIX Members Reveal What They Most Love About Themselves

Everything about them is lovely!

The charming members of CIX recently appeared on FANVATAR‘s YouTube channel and answered several intriguing questions. One questioned asked each member to name what they love about themselves!

1. Seunghun

CIX’s Seunghun is, of course, all-around charming! Seunghan shared the feature he loves most about himself is the tip of his mouth!

For me, I want to make sure that the fans for liking it. I think it’s the tip of my mouth.

— Seunghun

2. BX

For CIX’s handsome leader, BX revealed he loves his long and pretty fingers.

I have long fingers. I think it’s a long, slightly pretty fingers.

— BX

3. Hyunsuk

Everyone can agree with the group’s maknae Hyunsuk when he points out his eyes are definitely one of his loveliest features.

For me…my eyes. My eyes are my favorite. Because my fans love my eyes, I think I fell in love with them also.

—  Hyunsuk

4. Bae Jinyoung

Bae Jinyoung revealed his face as something he loves about himself. Jinyoung didn’t give any explanation as to why, and honestly, he doesn’t need one.

My face. I like my face.

—  Jinyoung

5. Yonghee

While it may be obvious that he has several lovely features, Yonghee hesitated on defining which part of himself he loved the most. After doing some thinking, Yonghee shared that his nose is a feature he loves the most.

uh…I…I…my nose.

—  Yonghee

Though each member revealed only one feature they loved the most about themselves, fans love everything about them.

Check out the video below: