10+ Clever K-Pop Concepts That Have Kept Fans Coming Back For More

And repeat!

Have you ever come across a music video that speaks to you so much that you find yourself literally watching it on repeat over and over again? K-Pop music videos are always so beautiful that it’s hard not to spend all day watching them, but some videos are so well thought out, shot beautifully, and executed flawlessly that they always keep fans coming back for more! While there are a ton of them out there, here are just a few to satisfy everyone!


1. VIXX — “G.R.8.U”

VIXX always have some amazing concepts but seeing this video that was shot in reverse is just so cool. “G.R.8.U” is just pure fun and you can’t help but laugh a little thinking about the boys having to sing the words backward!


2. BTS — “Blood Sweat & Tears”

BTS have stunning videos that are always full secret meanings and spark a whole bunch of interesting theories, but one of the best is “Blood Sweat & Tears”. This MV references many of the group’s previous videos and the storyline is based on Herman Hesse’s Demian novel. Add in all the flawless visuals and this video is super watchable!


3. Red Velvet — “Russian Roulette”

Red Velvet have proven that they can take any concept and totally rock it but there’s just something about “Russian Roulette” that really speaks to fans. Perhaps its all the pastel goodness and feminine touches with just a hint of sinister undertones!


4. Super Junior — “Mamacita”

Super Junior‘s “Mamacita” is just pure fun. In the original version, you get a hint of the story that’s going on in the town but to feel the full effects of this masterpiece check out the drama version. Not only will you still see all of your favorite shots from the original MV but you’re also in for a few plot twists that will definitely make you come back again and again.


5. Orange Caramel — “My Copycat”

From the sushi theme in “Catallena” to the many game references in “My Copycat”, Orange Caramel has never disappointed with their themes. But all the game references in “My Copycat” will keep you looking for more each time you watch it!


6. INFINITE — “Bad”

The original video for “Bad” features a spooky ghostly appearance and is great on its own but INFINITE also released a 360 VR version that literally lets you explore the rooms the members are in! It’s one of a kind and super fun!


7. SEVENTEEN — “Clap”

Besides being a total bop, SEVENTEEN‘s “Clap” is the next in line to reference a whole bunch of their old videos!


8. TWICE — “What Is Love?”

TWICE have been doing the cute and clever concepts since day one and each of their videos has something to offer. “What Is Love?” is especially fun because it’s full of different movie references and features each of the girls tackling different famous roles!


9. MONSTA X — “Dramarama”

Time travel, time police, excellent dancing, and a totally awesome song make “Dramarama” something that you can watch and listen to on repeat forever.


10. ASTRO — “Crazy Sexy Cool”

An irresistibly catchy song with an MV full of different book, movie, and play references that will keep you on the tip of your toes!


11. Taeyeon — “Something New”

This MV is like something straight out of an action movie. You have Taeyeon playing the rich lady but instead of relying on others to take care of her she totally kicks butt herself! The video is absolutely gorgeous and a treat to watch over and over again!


12. gugudan — “Chococo”

A chocolate factory straight from all of our dreams features in gugudan‘s “Chococo”. On top of all the scenes that will make your mouth water, there’s just the right hint of creepiness to keep things interesting!