Here Are All The Comebacks And Debuts Happening In May

Somi, Xiumin, NCT 127, GOT7 and more will be coming back in May.

May is finally upon us and with that comes a whole host of comebacks and debuts happening over the course of the month.

1. Kim Dong Han (May 1st)

Kim Dong Han will be releasing his mini album D-HOURS AM 7:03.

2. Chancellor (May 1st)

Chancellor will be releasing his digital single Angel which will feature Taeyeon.

3. Park Bom (May 2nd)

Bom will be releasing a repackage of her album re: Blue Rose which includes the title track 4:44 featuring Wheein of MAMAMOO.

4. Golden Child (May 2nd)

Golden Child will be releasing a special single album called Spring Again.

5. Moon Myung Jin (May 3rd)

Moon Myung Jin is teaming up with Block B’s Taeil to release Spring Darling, a digital single.

6. Cheetah (May 3rd)

Cheetah is reportedly releasing a digital single on this day but nothing else is known about the release.

7. Jeon Jiyoon (May 4th)

Jeon Jiyoon is releasing her first mini-album The moment I loved.

8. Park Hyo Shin (May 6th)

Park Hyo Shin is releasing a digital single: Goodbye.

9. MOMOLAND (May 7th)

MOMOLAND are going to be releasing a digital single, all we know so far is that it’s a ballad produced by Duble Sidekick.

10. Nam Woohyun (May 7th)

Nam Woohyun is dropping his third mini album A New Journey.

11. Eric Nam (May 8th)

Eric Nam is releasing a digital single: Runaway.

12. Oh My Girl (May 8th)

Oh My Girl is releasing a full-length album The Fifth Season with its title track SSFWL.

13. Yoo Seungwoo (May 8th)

Yoo Seungwoo is releasing a full-length album on this day but no other information has been released.

14. MOMOLAND (May 8th)

MOMOLAND will be releasing the Japanese version of their album I’m So Hot which includes the already released Japanese version of the title track with the same name.

15. Henry (May 9th)

Henry will be releasing a song from his upcoming album.

16. Xiumin (May 9th)

Xiumin is going to be releasing an SM STATION digital single, You.

17. N.CA (May 10th)

N.CA will be releasing her second mini album some-.

18. Lim Jimin (May 12th)

Lim Jimin will be releasing his debut single.

19. ONEWE (May 13th)

RBW band ONEWE will be making their debut with a single.

20. Weki Meki (May 14th)

Weki Meki is returning with their single album, Lock End Lol.

21. DAVICHI (May 17th)

DAVICHI is releasing a full album on May 17th but its name is not yet known.

22. GOT7 (May 20th)

GOT7 is returning with a new album, Spinning Top, on May 20th.

23. N.Flying (May 22nd)

N.Flying are releasing a full-length Japanese album BROTHERHOOD with its title track Stand By Me.

24. AB6IX (May 22nd)

AB6IX will be making their debut with B:COMPLETE.

25. NCT 127 (May 24th)

NCT 127 is releasing their new mini-album We Are Superhuman with its title track Superhuman.

26. Red Velvet (May 29th)

Red Velvet is releasing a Japanese mini-album entitled Sappy which features the already released title track.

27. We In The Zone (May 29th)

Choon Entertainment’s new boy group We In The Zone are scheduled to debut.

28. Ladies’ Code (May ???)

Ladies’ Code is coming back sometime in May, likely in the middle of the month.

29. Jeon Somi (May ???)

Jeon Somi was originally supposed to debut at the start of the month but her debut has reportedly been delayed until the end of May.

30. LOONA (May ???)

Blockberry Creative announced almost a year ago that LOONA would be releasing a ballad album in May 2019.

31. A.C.E (May ???)

A.C.E announced they would be coming back sometime in May.

32. DEAN (May ???)

Dean shared he plans to release a U.S single in May.