When It Comes To Kiss Scenes, There’s Two Types of Male Actors

But both are equally as hot!

It is a known fact that kiss scenes can be quite embarrassing, especially since there are hundreds of staff watching them! Male actors are largely divided into two types when it comes to these scenes but regardless of the type they are, no one can deny that all of these kiss scenes are hot!


1. The shy type

These male actors cannot handle the awkwardness and break out in laughter after finishing a romantic kiss scene. Some get super embarrassed and don’t know what to do with themselves while one (Doojoon) completely makes a run for it!


2. The confident type

The other type of male actors seems a little more comfortable with the kiss scenes as they are seen taking care of the female actor after the scene is over. Some give them a good pat on the back while others give them a squeeze on their cheeks. These actors may be the ones with a little more experience with kiss scenes!

Source: Instiz