The Most Common Name in K-Pop: 10 Idols Called Minhyuk

Minhyuk must be a lucky name for aspiring stars.

It’s not uncommon for K-Pop idols to share the same name, but we’re pretty sure no name is as common as Minhyuk—the name of a staggering 10 idols! Do you know them all?


1. Lee Minhyuk from Monsta X

First up is MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, the visual of the group. Born in Gwangju in 1993, this Minhyuk has a mood-brightening personality and is most confident about his lips.


2. Rocky from ASTRO

ASTRO’s main dancer and lead rapper Rocky is a Minhyuk too. Born Park Minhyuk in Jinju in 1999, Rocky is nicknamed “Dancing Machine” by his company and has appeared in several dramas.


3. Lee Minhyuk from BtoB

Minhyuk from BtoB is the visual, lead rapper, and lead dancer of the group. He was born in Seoul in 1990. This Minhyuk is a very talented athlete; he broke a vault jumping record and wanted to be a soccer player when he was growing up.


4. Lee Minhyuk (B-Bomb) from Block B

Another Minhyuk who goes by a stage name is B-Bomb from Block B. Just like BtoB’s Minhyuk, he was born in Seoul in 1990. He’s also a main dancer like Rocky. His specialties are popping and hip-hop dancing, and he also enjoys playing the piano.


5. Kang Minhyuk from CNBLUE

CNBLUE’s Minhyuk was born in 1991. He plays the drums in the group, a skill which he learned from his drum teacher father. Like Rocky, this Minhyuk is also an actor, appearing in numerous dramas before his enlistment. He also used to play soccer just like BtoB’s Minhyuk.


6. Kim Minhyuk from MAP6

Leader and main rapper of MAP6, this Minhyuk was born in 1991. He considers himself to have a killer smile, and fans know him as the “Sexy Prince” or “Gentleman Prince” of the group. His dogs’ names are much more unusual than his own: Poppy, Ddalang, and Huchu.


7. No Minhyuk from Click-B

Though Click-B’s Minhyuk is the maknae of his group, he’s also the oldest on the list. He was born in 1983 and his group debuted all the way back in 1999. This Minhyuk is a musician just like CNBLUE’s Minhyuk, except he plays the guitar. Soccer must be a common hobby for Minhyuks, because Click-B’s Minhyuk enjoys it too.



8. Kim Minhyuk from NOIR

Born in 1998, this Minhyuk is the lead rapper and lead dancer of NOIR, a group which debuted in 2018. His hobbies include cooking, playing basketball, and photography.


9. Kim Minhyuk from D-CRUNCH

Another Minhyuk who debuted in 2018 is rapper Minhyuk from D-CRUNCH. A fellow ’99-liner like Rocky, this Minhyuk majored in theater and film and is serious about acting. In a few years, he’ll probably have as many dramas under his belt as some of the other Minhyuks on this list.


10. Day from BAIKAL

The last Minhyuk on the list is Day from the now-disbanded group BAIKAL. Born in 1994, vocalist Day once competed on Produce 101. He loves eating, watching dramas, and gaming, and he used to go by the stage name Rowan.