Comparing The Works Of SM And YG Entertainment’s Former Creative Directors

Their art styles are like night and day.

Creative directors have a significant role in deciding the concept of a company’s groups. Their vision of a project is manifested in the teasers, print, album covers, and videos of the group, which is why they are often called “art directors” as well.

Among the most well-known creative directors are Min Heejin and Sinxity who each worked in the biggest companies in the industry: SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment respectively.

Check out some of their most memorable works with the companies below!

1. SM Entertainment – Min Heejin

Min Heejin may now be working with BigHit Entertainment, but she was an integral part of SM Entertainment for years. Many fans consider 2013-2015 her peak as she spearheaded some of the most memorable concepts from SHINee, f(x), Super Junior, and more. Min Heejin was especially known for her innovative and playful concepts.

1. SHINee


1 of 1

2. f(x)

Pink Tape

4 Walls

3. Super Junior

Mr. Simple

4. EXO


5. NCT U

7th Sense

2. YG Entertainment – Sinxity

Moving on, SJ “Sinxity” Shin was the former creative director of YG Entertainment who worked with acts such as WINNER and ONE since their debut. While Min Heejin is known for her playful concepts, Sinxity is renowned for his classy and calming concepts.

Sinxity has since opened his own company called AXIS which houses former K-POP STAR winner KATIE.


2014 S/S

2. ONE

One Day

3. Bobby

Love and Fall





Min Heejin or Sinxity—which one do you prefer?

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