Conversations Between Agencies And Their Idols Show The Type Of Relationship They Have With Each Other

They are family.

K-Pop idol groups and their agencies spend a lot of time with each other, starting from training up until debut, so it comes as no surprise to see many idol members having a close relationship with their agency CEO’s. Let’s take a look at different label CEO’s and their interaction with their companies artists!

JYP Entertainment

Below is a cute conversation between TWICE’s Dahyun and Park Jin Young. Dahyun sent a cute emoticon of herself doing a cute pose so JYP sent her a meme of him doing a cute pose too along with the message, “Oh I have something like this too…”

| Knowing Bros/JTBC

This cute conversation shows just how close and comfortable they are with each other to joke around through text message.

SM Entertainment

This photo was revealed through Red Velvet Yeri‘s Instagram and showed just how close they were to Lee Soo Man.

“I received a touching text message from Lee Soo Man after our live session ended. At the end, he said “fighting” and so I received so much strength this late at night.”

| @yerimiese/Instagram

Big Hit Entertainment

These messages between Bang Si Hyuk and BTS’s Jin show just how close they are even though they are business partners when it comes to work.

Bang: Having fun?

Jin: It’s fun because I’m handsome

Bang: Then I guess I wouldn’t have fun even if I went. Good thing I just stayed behind to edit music videos

Bang: Ok now let’s concentrate on the performance!

Jin: I was just doing it for fun. Okay!

Jin: I will succeed and return!

Bang: Alright! (sends emoticons)

| @hitmanb72/Instagram

Woollim Entertainment

This was a message INFINITE‘s Woohyun received from Woollim‘s CEO Lee Jung Yeop on his birthday.

Happy birthday…Thanks for always being outgoing and working hard. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for your birthday this year. If you want something please let me know. I love you and let’s live happily forever… (rose emoticon).


YG Entertainment

These text messages between BLACKPINK and Yang Hyun Suk was revealed through his Instagram page and gained much attention online.

Yang: Guys. We don’t have much time to practice the choreography. We might not have time on Monday due to our schedule so let’s practice hard today and tomorrow…Everyone come out early on Tuesday to practice except Lisa. Lisa will join after her schedule is done.

Jennie: Is your throat better?

Jisoo: Ok we will come on time. Don’t be sick!

Rose: Ok sir! don’t be sick. We will do our best!

Yang: Who’s ‘yeonshim’ a new member?

(Rose made a typo in korean making ‘we will do well’ sound like ‘yeonshim’, a person’s name)

Rose: Oops typo

Yang: My heart fluttered for a second there

Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, Lisa: (all laughing emoticons)

Yang: Anyway let’s all do well! It took a year for us to get this song out! Let’s all work hard!

| @fromyg/Instagram

What do you think of the relationship between CEO and artist? It’s important to be able to switch between personal and professional when maintaining a relationship with your teammate and business partner. Who do you think have the best chemistry?