A Compilation of BTS Jungkook’s Weverse Photos For The First Half Of 2020

Any post by BTS’s golden maknae is special!

BTS‘s Jungkook is known to be the member who is the least active on social media so every time he posts something it’s a big deal to fans. As we are now in the month of July, let’s take a look at all the photos Jungkook gifted to fans for the first half of 2020!

He started off the year with New Year’s messages before posting his first photo back in March of his drawings that were inspired by painter Bob Ross.

“I saw Bob’s drawing and so I decided to give it a try too…”

He shared another piece of his artwork the same day. “This is…chicken leg cloud borahae?…”

He then asked fans to recommend him a title for his next drawing. “I couldn’t sleep so I added a bit more to a drawing that I did previously. Please give this drawing a name :)”

In April, he gave fans his first selfie of 2020!

After COVID-19 became a global pandemic, many plans and the world tour for BTS were canceled and postponed. Jungkook came on Weverse and revealed his thoughts to fans. “I want to do concerts. I really miss everyone.”

Although he didn’t post much afterwards, he always made sure to come back on special days to thank fans for their never-ending support. He shared a photo on BTS’s seventh anniverary since debut. “ARMY thank you so much.”

He then shared another selfie with the message, “I will spend a day that is not wasted. I just finished reading a whole book! (I’ve actually lived long enough to see me read a book…)”

And most recently, he came online on July 11 KST and shared another beautiful photo of himself to fans! Fans were happy to receive several photos of Jungkook in short amount of time.

BTS announced previously that although the tour has been canceled, they will go ahead and begin working on their next album.