Here’s Where All 9 Follow-Up Contestants From “Under Nineteen” Are Now

Some ended up in K-Pop groups, others are more unknown!

Under Nineteen was a survival show that ran from November 2018 to February 2019 where 57 male contestants under the age of 19 competed to debut as a member of 1the9. Though 1the9 has since disbanded, some of the contestants that didn’t quite rank high enough to make it into the group have gone on to have successful careers themselves! Here is what we know about where the 9 follow-up contestants on Under Nineteen are now.

1. Kim Shihyun

Before his time on Under Nineteen, Shihyun formed the duo Longguo x Shihyun with fellow Produce101 contestant Jin Longguo. After they released a mini-album, they went on their own seperate solo paths and that was when Shihyun was on Under Nineteen. After finishing his time there, he debuted as a member of WE IN THE ZONE in May 2019.

The group disbanded in early 2021, however, and at this time Shihyun is an independent idol.

2. Suren

Very little is known about what Suren did after his time on Under Nineteen. From his posts on his Instagram and TikTok accounts, it appears as though he’s gone back to living a normal life, or is possibly still a trainee, based on some of his dance practices.

3. Kim Youngwon

Youngwon debuted as a solo artist under Maxxam Entertainment in July 2019 with the single “Tanghulu”. He has also been vocal about his participation in Project Spotlight, which is run by Handong Global University and leads people to assume he is a student there.

4. Lee Sangmin

Sangmin, better known now by his stage name Khael, returned to his label DSP Media after his time on Under Nineteen. In February 2021, it was announced that he would be one of the members of upcoming boy group MIRAE, and he debuted with the group on March 17 that year! He acts as the main rapper, sub-vocalist, lead dancer, producer, and visual of the group.

5. Song Byeonghee

Byeonghee, better known now by his stage name Bain, is another former contestant of the show that has since debuted in a boy group. In May 2021, he was announced as a member of his label Bluedot Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group JUST B, and he debuted with them on June 30 that year!

6. Lee Yechan

After he was a contestant on Under Nineteen, Yechan returned to his label, KQ Entertainment, and returned to the trainee group KQ FELLAZ there. He was the youngest contestant on the show, and he’s skilled in rapping, so if he ends up debuting in a new K-Pop group, that would likely be the position he gets.

7. Bae Hyeonjun

After participating on the show, Hyeonjun returned to his label, MAJOR9, to continue his time as a trainee. Since then, he has also debuted as an actor, and appeared in the K-Drama Fly, Again in 2021.

8. Lee Jongwon

Since he finished his time on Under Nineteen, Jongwon’s current whereabouts are completely unknown.

9. Park Siyoung

Siyoung, like Khael, returned to his label DSP Media after participating on Under Nineteen. He, too, was introduced as a member of upcoming group MIRAE in February 2021, and debuted as a member on March 17 that year. He is the main dancer, sub-rapper, and sub-vocalist of the group!