10 Contestants To Watch Out For On “Show Me The Money 6”

These are some of the most talented rappers to watch out for on Show Me The Money 6 who have gained the attention of viewers and the producers as well, so you should definitely keep an eye out for them during this season.


HANHAE is a member of PHANTOM (and an original member of Block B) and is a returning contestant from Show Me The Money 4. He was eliminated early in the last competition before he got a chance to really show off his skills, but he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

2. Nucksal

Nucksal is a returning contestant from Show Me The Money 2 and is a member of many popular rap crews. Since his appearance on the show, he has been featured in songs for multiple popular artists. He is certainly not a contestant to take lightly.

3. Punchnello

Punchnello is a talented rapper under YG Entertainment‘s sub-label HIGHGRND and a member of Club Eskimo along with DEAN (one of the producers for this season). He was also featured on the popular track “Eung Freestyle” along with DPR LIVE, Sik-K, and FLOWSIK.

4. Hash Swan

Hash Swan appeared on Show Me The Money 5 and is known for his unique rap style. Unfortunately, he did not make it very far in the season before getting eliminated, but he’s back and more formidable than ever.


PENOMECO is signed under Million Market and a member of the hip-hop crew FANXYCHILD along with ZICO, DEAN, millic, and Crush. He’s also a member of the XVOI crew and has released many hit songs since his debut in 2014.

6. Microdot

Microdot appeared on Show Me The Money 4 and is a former member of the hip-hop duo ALL BLACK. He is the brother of PHANTOM member Sanchez, who also appeared on the show.

7. Junoflo

Another returning contestant is Junoflo, who competed in season 5 of Show Me The Money but was eliminated after his 1 one 1 rap battle with Hash Swan. He is signed under Feel Ghood Music along with producers Tiger JK and Bizzy.

8. Changjo

Changjo is, of course, known for being a member of TEEN TOP. He has not had much of a chance to showcase his rapping abilities since he was on the show Hip Hop Nation, so many viewers are eagerly anticipating his first appearance on Show Me The Money.

9. Double K

Double K is appearing as a contestant on this season of Show Me The Money. The last time he was on the show was as a producer during season 1, where his team won with the help of Loco who is now under AOMG.

10. Young B

Young B recently won the first season of School Rapper and is a returning contestant from Show Me The Money seasons 4 and 5. He is currently signed under Indigo Music, the label owned by rapper Swings.

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