10 Cool And Random Things You Can Do With Your K-Pop Lightstick

#6 is really pretty!

What’s the one thing that every K-Pop fan wants when they go to see their biases in concert? A lightstick of course! The only problem is that sometimes it’s a little hard to justify spending money on something when you know you’re probably one going to get to use it once. But with these cool ideas, you’ll have plenty of ways that will inspire you to put your lightstick to good use.


1. Room decor

One of the best ways you can use your lightstick is to simply display out in your room. Stash it next to all your other K-Pop merchandise or stick it somewhere for all to admire.


And it doesn’t matter if you decide to keep it in its box or not since lightsticks are so aesthetic they look good either way. It’s sure to add a touch of K-Pop magic to any room.


2. Mood lighting

Taking the decoration game to the next level, lightsticks can also act as some pretty great mood lighting. We’ve all seen how beautiful lightsticks look in a concert venue, so it stands to reason it would also look fantastic in your own home!


Plus some lightsticks even come complete with stands or special cases that make turning it into some serious mood lighting even easier!


3. Flashlight

Some fans have noticed that your lightstick also turns into one of the prettiest flashlights around. So when the lights go out and you need a little something to see, pull out your trusty lightstick and bask in the glorious glow!


4. Photoshoots

Of course, you could always pull out your lightstick for special occasions or photoshoots. Not only could it be used as a pretty prop, but it could also act as a colored filter.


5. Catching cabs

Although it may seem completely out there, some fans have actually reported some success with this one. So if you ever find that your hands are just not cutting it when trying to catch a taxi, it might be time to bust out your lightstick. And you never know, the driver you flag down might just be a fan of your group too!


6. Flower arrangements

Some fans have also gotten really creative with their lightsticks. While lights offer some pretty unique customization options that make them a straight up bouquet all by themselves…


Others have proven to be great centerpieces in a flower arrangement!


7. To catch all the food

No food in sight? Well, your lightstick might have you covered! During N.Flying‘s “Hot Potato” era, the group introduced a very special and incredibly unique lightstick. An actual potato! So after heading to their concert and cheering the group on fans, could snack on it. Although it would have been really hard because they were so cute!


It’s not just the potato stick that might help satisfy your hunger. As we all know, BTS‘s Jin managed to turn an ARMY bomb into a fishing rod on Law of the Jungle. And it actually worked! So who knows what else you could do with the gadget!


8. Self-defense

Violence is never a good answer, but some idols have let fans know that it’s okay to use a lightstick to keep yourself safe.


9. Friendship

As cheesy as it may sound, lightsticks are a good way to help you build friendships. During any sort of K-Pop event, you’ll easily be able to identify anyone else who belongs to your fandom. Once identified you can easily strike up a conversation and you might just end up with a lifelong friend!


10. Support

Just because your not at a concert doesn’t mean you can’t still use your lightstick! In fact, some fans have admitted that they’ve used it while watching a performance on their television or computer. Just because you aren’t physically there with your lightstick doesn’t mean that you can’t give some support wherever you are in the world!