Coronavirus Got You Stuck At Home With Family? Make Them Stan BTS With These 7 Videos

They’ll be ARMYs in no time.

If you’re social distancing because of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and you’re stuck at home with your parents or family, how can you use that time wisely? By convincing everyone to stan BTS, of course. Once your family gets bored enough to give into your pleas, these are the top 7 videos you should play for them.

1. Carpool Karaoke

Everyone loves Carpool Karaoke. No matter how old your parents are, if they live in the US or regularly browse the internet, they’ve probably seen at least one episode of this The Late Late Show with James Corden segment. So, why not show them the BTS appearance?

This is one of the best introductions for BTS skeptics because it combines the members’ hilarity, cuteness, and talent all in less than 17 minutes of fun.

2. “Boy With Luv”

Ready to move on to a full BTS song? “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey is a great place to start. This track is one of the group’s most “public-friendly” songs to date. It has a chill pop beat that anyone can get into, and your family will be able to understand a lot of the lyrics if they speak English.

Plus, the music video is so fun and colorful, it’s impossible not to enjoy it.

3. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

Of course, you’ll want to show off the group’s versatility too. So, why not move on to “Blood, Sweat & Tears” next? This song has unique moombahton and trap elements, but it also features an incredibly catchy hook.

This will also show your family that BTS music videos often have artistry and cinematography comparable to real movies. The visuals are incredible, and the storyline is gripping too.

4. Saturday Night Live

By now, your family will probably be saying, “That’s great, but are they really this talented?”. They wouldn’t be the first to have a hard time believing BTS can really pull off these performances live. One great video that proves they can is the group’s Saturday Night Live performance.

It helps that your family will probably be familiar with this show already. Music shows would work too, but Saturday Night Live’s camera angles do a better job of showcasing the choreography.

5. 2019 MelOn Music Awards

If your family is as intrigued by the group’s performance skills as they should be, it could be time to pull out the big guns—BTS’s full 2019 MelOn Music Awards stage.

This may be 37 minutes long, but it showcases everything that makes BTS special—the concepts, the artistry, the singing, the rapping, the dancing, and more. Plus, it gives viewers a taste of all the different genres and styles the members are capable of pulling off.

6. Run! BTS

If you’ve made it this far into the list, it’s a good time to start showing your family the members’ personalities. After all, that’s a big reason why ARMYs love them so much.

Choose your favorite episode of Run! BTS and go wild. If you can’t decide, the games they play in episode 31 are hilarious. Episode 24 is so funny too—remember the zombie-filled theme park?

7. BuzzFeed’s “BTS Plays With Puppies”

And if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with the BuzzFeed video where BTS play with puppies while answering fan questions. Only a monster could watch this without cracking a smile.

Source: Showbiz CheatSheet