Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BLACKPINK In Their “Lovesick Girls” Dance Practice Video

They know how to dress!

BLACKPINK makes waves with their fashion wherever they go. Even their dance practice videos are avenues for them to show off their unique styles!

If you’ve ever wanted to copy their activewear, check out the brands they used below.

1. Jennie

First up, Jennie’s outfit consists of a black “Damages Crop Knit” top from l.e.e.y that costs $32 USD.

| l.e.e.y

Under this, she wore an Alexander Wang “Compact Sports Bra” that can be bought for $195 USD.

| Alexander Wang

When it comes to simple but impactful clothes, Jennie definitely knows how to dress!

2. Jisoo


Next up, Jisoo also cropped her shirt to make it more fashionable. She wore a simple “Rainbow Lips T-Shirt” top from The Rolling Stones.

| Lyst

It is the most affordable article of clothing on the list, retailing at $14 USD, and it made Jisoo appear edgier than usual.

3. Rosé


The point of Rosé’s outfit was the cardigan that she wore on top of her plain white shirt. It was a l.e.e.y “Buckle Bolero Cardigan” that retails for $32 USD.

Her simple outfit made her dance lines stand out even more!

4. Lisa

Last but not the least, Lisa had a similar style as Rosé’s but she wore a “Bolero Point Knit Top” by l.e.e.y instead of a cardigan.


Her trendy style was emphasized by the unique cut of the top, a sweater that was cropped at the collar. It retails for $35 USD.

When it comes to distinctive outfits, Lisa always stands out!

To know more about BLACKPINK’s styles, check out how much it costs to dress like them in their “Pretty Savage” stage below!

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Source: Twitter and YouTube