5 Covers By Vocalists That Will Make You Ask, “Why Wasn’t This Their Song?”

So much talent, so little time.

Songs that are made iconic by their original singers are often eventually covered by other singers, and sometimes the cover is so incredible and exceeds all expectations that you’re left breathless. Talent abounds in the K-Pop genre, so these are just five examples of covers that we couldn’t get enough of.

1. “Eraser” by Siyeon (Dreamcatcher)

This song was originally sung by the iconic Taeyeon but Siyeon’s rich, velvety smooth vocals elevate this already great song to another level.

2. “Into the Unknown” by Ken (VIXX)

VIXX’s Ken is an underrated, incredible vocalist, so it goes without saying that he absolutely blew this cover of “Into the Unknown” out of the water.

3. “As I Told You” by BTS

Originally sung by Kim Sung Jae, BTS brought their own energy to the song which made it extra special.

4. “Havana” by MAMAMOO

Camila Cabello‘s song is perfect for the sultry, mature tones that MAMAMOO is capable of.

5. “Ho Ho Ho” by AleXa

We love Sia, but AleXa’s take on it was catchy, energetic, and pleasing to the ears.

What do you think? Whose cover would you have included?