Here Are The (Very Even) Line Distributions For All 7 Songs On CRAVITY’s “HIDEOUT: Be Our Voice” Album

Besides one member, there’s only a 5% difference in lines between members!

CRAVITY is still a very young group, having debuted on April 14, 2020. Despite their short time being an active group, though, they’ve released a lot of great music, and just came out with their third mini-album, Season 3. HIDEOUT: Be Our Voice, on January 19.

Given that the group is young, and that it has 9 members, some might think that certain members would get more lines due to more experience, skill, or other factors. While there will always be some members with more lines and some with less, you might be pleasantly surprised to see how many lines each member had on the album as a whole! Here are the line distributions for all 7 songs, as well as the total for the whole album.

1. “My Turn”

2. “Call My Name”

3. “Mammoth”

4. “Bad Habits”

5. “Moonlight”

6. “Dangerous”

7. “Give Me Your Love”


Most lines: Woobin (main vocalist): 19%

2nd: Serim (leader, main rapper, visual): 13.5%

3rd: Allen (main dancer, lead rapper): 12%

4th: Jungmo (lead vocalist, visual): 10.4%

5th: Minhee (lead vocalist, visual): 10.2%

6th: Wonjin (lead vocalist, lead dancer): 10%

7th: Hyeongjun (main dancer, sub-vocalist): 8.6%

8th: Seongmin (sub-vocalist, maknae): 8.4%

9th: Taeyoung (sub-vocalist): 8.1%

Though there is a difference between some members, especially with Woobin having a large percentage of the lines, the way they’re distributed makes a lot of sense given each member’s position in the group! Main vocalists and rappers often get the most lines, whereas sub-vocalists and sub-rappers tend to have less lines but a focus on something else, such as dancing or visuals. Still, each member gets a decent amount of lines overall, despite a lot of variations in individual songs!