Crayon Pop’s Way Reveals Her Most DISLIKED Outfits From The Group’s Comebacks

No, the “Bar Bar Bar” helmets are not on the list.

Crayon Pop‘s Way revealed the three outfits from the group’s comebacks that were her most disliked. Can you guess what they are…?

Crayon Pop

In fact, Way said that so many people know the iconic look from “Bar Bar Bar” that she decided not to include it in her list!

1. Nylon bodysuit with a nametag

The CEO and choreographer at that time told us, you gotta put on nylon bodysuit with head tied up. I don’t know why they were so obsessed with that. Honestly that’s horrible. All five of us, covering all our hair, there is no reason to make us look like eggs.


Source: WayLand/YouTube

For those of you who don’t remember seeing the eggconic outfits, here’s a visual for you:

Source: MBCkpop/YouTube

Way also revealed that she felt this outfit was more embarrassing than wearing helmets.

2. FM outfits

FM concept was this kind of like the Power Rangers, five valiant soldiers concept. There were two concepts. One was a training outfit and the other one was a bit like Power Ranger, and each of us wore each color.


Source: WayLand/YouTube

As for the FM outfit, Way didn’t mind the Power Ranger/Sailor Moon-esque look, but the leather training outfit was a bit too much for her to deal with, particularly because there was no ventilation for sweat!

Source: WayLand/YouTube 

3. “Uh-ee” ramie outfits

… So we said, ‘let’s wear ramie and perform freshly.’


Way explained that the song “Uh-ee” had a bit of a trot vibe to it and they would have performed the song in the Spring, so they thought it’d be good to wear ramie. Additionally, they thought that wearing more traditional Korean clothes would complement the vibe of “Uh-ee”!

Source: WayLand/YouTube 

While the outfits started out as a good idea, they decided to add skirts to them to give off more of a “girl group” vibe, which ultimately led them to resembling old-timey bar maids.

Source: WayLand/YouTube

What do you think of Way’s picks?

Watch her whole video below to see her discuss other iconic Crayon Pop looks: