10+ Times Idols Were Almost KO’ed By Objects Thrown At Them By Fans

Umm…they got hit by what?

Sometimes fans can get a little overexcited about seeing their idols and decide to throw an object at them. Sometimes these items create a hilarious result and other times they just make you wonder what the fan was thinking because they could have seriously hurt someone!


1. When GOT7 dealt with the flying phones

Chucking a cell phone at your idol is not a good idea. Which is exactly what the boys told fans when more than one ended up almost hitting them!


2. When SEVENTEEN almost got KO-ed by a cell

Cells strike again. This time S.Coups was really surprised to find a cell phone thrown at him. Then there was the mystery item that soon followed!


3. When EXO tried their hardest to ignore that bra

What would you do if you’re in the middle of your performance and you suddenly spot some unmentionables on the stage? Just pretend that it doesn’t exist!


4. When IU could have been seriously hurt by that water bottle

Okay but this one was actually really dangerous and could have really hurt her!


5. When EXO’s Chanyeol had to duck and cover from a flying hat

A hat probably wouldn’t hurt too much if you were hit by it but it’s not like Chanyeol knew what was headed straight for his face!


6. When BTS’s Jin was so done with that teddy bear

Jin was having none of it when fans decided he needed a new plush friend!


7. When Super Junior had a laugh attack at their naughty goods

Super Junior received a whole stockpile of naughty things that started with condoms and ended with a piece of red lingerie.


8. When Apink’s Chorong had the best response to the appearance of a phone

Chorong took things in stride when she found the phone someone had thrown on stage.


9. When EXO’s Suho was knocked silly by a plushie…twice

Suho was struck by a flying bird plushie.


Then was attacked once again when he tried to make his escape!


10. The many times Super Junior dealt with undergarments

Naughty, naughty ELFs throwing men’s boxers! But at least Heechul got some use out of them!


Of course, there’s also Yesung‘s response to ladies wear.


And who could forget Shindong‘s own response to the same?


11. When EXO’s D.O. found this odd toy

To be honest, no one is quite sure what that thing is but D.O. and Chanyeol seemed to have a lot of fun with it.


12. When TWICE was nice about the sudden appearance of a mobile phone

Luckily the mobile phone didn’t hurt anyone and Tzuyu was nice enough to hand it back.


13. When BTS’s J-Hope was suddenly attacked by some paper plates

Yep, those really were paper plates.