The Crème Shop Introduces New BT21 Products—Here’s What You Can Buy

They have everything from makeup and skincare to personal protective equipment!

The Korean American beauty brand The Créme Shop has teamed up with another of our favorite brands, none other than BTS‘s LINE FRIENDS collaboration BT21 for some new exclusive products!

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Founded by Theresa and Lawrence Kim, who are of Korean American heritage, many of their skincare products have been exclusively manufactured in South Korea for over 20 years. Now, they have teamed up with another great Korean brand.


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Their products are also Cruelty-Free, Dermatologist Tested, Paraben-Free, and Sulfate-Free! What’s not to love?

The exclusive line with BT21 includes various products, from makeup and skincare to personal protective equipment. Here’s all you can buy…

1. Lip + Cheek Sticks

Their most recent release is the Lip + Cheek Sticks. They are tinted essence sticks enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, which hydrates to heal and promote natural radiance. Vitamin E helps protect your skin from sun damage, fights free radicals, and aids in diminishing dark spots and acne scars.

One stick costs $12 USD, and a set of all seven costs $79 USD.

2. Macaron Lip Balms

Could the BT21 characters could get any cuter? These lip balms are designed to look like macarons! They are made with Vitamin E to protect and soothe skin from a wide range of pollutants and free radicals and Shea Butter, helping to condition and aids in alleviating inflammation without leaving a greasy residue.

Each character is a unique and delicious flavor. CHIMMY is Lemon Drop, RJ is Mango, TATA is Watermelon, MANG is Birthday Cake, COOKY is Rose, KOYA is Açaí Berry, and SHOOKY is Chocolate Crème.

They are slightly cheaper than the sticks as they cost $8 USD each, with a set of seven being $49 USD.

3. BT21 Universtar Pop Eyeshadow Palette

To complete your look, a BT21 Universtar Pop Eyeshadow Palette of “highly pigmented, multi-finish shades for day to night wear” is available. Shades include Spotlight, Daybreak, Sugar, Sweetheart, Cocoa Crunch, Encoure, Orbit, Shining Star, and Dance Break.

The palette costs $15 USD.

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4. Setting Powder & Setting Spray Set

The brightening setting powder and priming spray come together as a set. They are designed to give you light but long-lasting makeup coverage.

It costs $32 USD.

5. Complete Cleansing Towelettes

When you need to remove your makeup, pre-wet towelettes are a great choice as they help remove oil, dirt, and waterproof makeup in a swipe!

Each character comes with different scents and skincare benefits. RJ is Aloe Vera & Tea Tree, COOKY is Rose & Hyaluronic Acid, MANG is Coconut Water & Raspberry, KOYA is Salicylic Acid & Green Tea, SHOOKY is Aloe Vera & Lemon, CHIMMY is Vitamin C & Witch Hazel, and TATA is Retinol & Watermelon.

A set of seven costs $39 USD, but you can get one individual for $6 USD. Each pack includes 20 wipes.

6. Bye Bye Blackheads – Printed Pore Strips

If you want to help remove even more impurities from your skin, pore strips are for you! Each strip is a unique design of the BT21 characters, but after being applied to your nose for just fifteen minutes will help to remove blackheads, excess oil, whiteheads, and dirt when pilled off.

A set of eight strips costs $8 USD, while a set of sixteen costs $15 USD.

7. Printed Essence Sheet Masks

What’s K-Beauty without sheet masks? These adorable character masks help to treat your skin with lots of “nourishing ingredients curated to help promote a healthy, radiant glow.” There are eight masks with different benefits based on their infusions.

The UNIVERSTAR’s WORLD mask is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and AHA while RJ’s RADIANT is with Retinol, Vitamin C, and Squalane, TATA’s TIMELESS is Hemp Oil, Watermelon, and Allantoin, MANG’s MAGICAL is Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, and Niacinamide, KOYA’s KIND is Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E Oil, and Blueberry Complex, COOKY’S CALMING is Bulgarian Rose Water, Glycerin, and Propolis, CHIMMY’S CHARMING is Vitamin C, Turmeric, and Niacinamide, and SHOOKY’S SHINING is Hyaluronic Acid, Triple Peptide, and Manuka Honey.

You can get the complete set of eight for $30 USD, a set of sixteen for $58 USD, or an individual for $4 USD.

8. Hydrogel Under Eye Patches

If you’ve been staying up a little bit too late binging your favorite K-Drama, or maybe you’re still recovering from BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo, you might want to help reawaken your tired eyes with the smoothing and brightening hydrogel under-eye patches. There are seven to choose from with different character designs and ingredients for added benefits.

“Brighten Up” COOKY is Smoothing and Firming, “5 More Minutes!” KOYA is Depuffing and Energizing, “Smooth Moves!” TATA is Plumping and Smoothing, “Brightest Day!” SHOOKY is Lifting and Toning, “Pump it up!” MANG is Refreshing and Lifting, “Work Hard, Rest Hard!” CHIMMY is Rejuvenating, Calming, and Soothing, and “Gentle Cutie!” RJ is Hydrating and Calming.

A set of seven costs $29 USD, while individual costs $4.50 USD.

9. 3D Teddy Headybands™

If you need to put your hair back during your skincare routine, the BT21 3D Teddy Headybands™ are perfect! Their soft plush texture provides maximum comfort while you cleanse your face or apply makeup. There are seven designs to choose from!

You can get one for $12 USD or the whole set of seven for $78 USD.

10. Brilliant Skin – Hydrocolloid Acne Patches

Even if you follow a 12-step Korean skincare regimen, pimples still tend to appear! Luckily, The Crème Shop has got you covered (literally) as they have just introduced acne patches of the BT21 characters! So, while you conceal your acne to heal as it reduces inflammation, prevents dark spots, and extracts impurities, you can also look cute!

The Hydrocolloid patches come in various sizes, so no matter the size of the pimple, you’re covered! They also are infused with Zinc which helps clarify and reduce inflammation.

A single set costs just $8 USD, but a set of six (192 patches) costs $44 USD.

11. 3-Ply Disposable Protective Face Masks

For complete coverage, whether for acne or to stay safe, there are disposable face masks! They are 3-ply, so ensure protection from allergens and pollutants. Also made from lightweight and soft material, fiberglass, and latex-free, along with an adjustable nose wire to tighten and seal, you will be both protected and comfortable. Not to mention the cute character designs, so you’ll actually want to wear them!

You can choose from black or white versions. These non-medical, disposable masks come in sets of fourteen with seven assorted styles and two reusable travel pouches for $16 USD.

12. Sanitizing Sprays

Of course, we can’t go anywhere without sanitizer. The Crème Shop’s sanitizing spray effectively kills off 99.9% of many common harmful germs and bacteria (in just fifteen seconds!). These sprays are 70% Ethanol, Anti-Bacterial, and infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E so you can moisturize while you sanitize!

They also smell amazing as each character has its own unique scent based on your preference. TATA is Peach, MANG is Peppermint, CHIMMY is Yuzu, COOKY is Strawberry Vanilla, KOYA is White Tea, RJ is Lavender, and SHOOKY is Green Tea.

A complete collection consisting of all seven costs $49 USD, and individual costs $8 USD.

Most of these products are available on The Crème Shop’s website and will include free stickers. Free continental US shipping is included for orders over $50 USD. Some items, such as the eyeshadow palette, can also be found at Ulta Beauty stores, which come with freebies. When ordering online from Ulta, if you spend over $50 USD on BT21 products, you will also receive an exclusive BT21 pillowcase and headband.

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Source: The Crème Shop and Ulta