25 Cringey K-Pop Pick Up Lines You Should Probably Never Use

These are so bad, they might just work.

K-Pop fans have come up with some of the best (and by “best” we mean “cringeiest”) pick-up lines out there, but you might not want to use them on anyone…except a K-Pop fan.


1. Are you from South Korea? Because I think you’re my Seoul Mate.


2. Are you “spring”? Because you just made my “day”.


3. Are you J-Hope? Because I “Daydream” about you.


4. I like you, but I don’t know if you can Hansol me.


5. Are you Carat? Because you shine like a diamond.


6. Will you be the Suga to my Kookie?


7. Would Yuta-ke my heart?


8. Is your name Do Kyungsoo? Because I can D.O. you too.


9. I can’t spell “Suga” without “U”.


10. Are you BLACKPINK? Because I want you to be in my area.


11. Hey “Mamacita”, I’m “Sorry Sorry” that I’m not “Mr. Simple”, but you’re like “Magic”.


12. Are you an Inspirit? Because my love for you is INFINITE.


13. Let me shimmie shimmie “Ko Ko Bop” into your life.


14. Are you Jimin’s jams? Because I’ve been looking for you everywhere.


15. Are you “Crystal Snow”? Because I want to hold you one more time.


16. I think you’re the Key to my heart.


17. Hey Monbebe, will you be Monbaby?


18. Wow! You’ve got the “Best of Me”.


19. If I was “J”, would you be my hope?


20. Are you K-Pop? Because you’re the only thing I need.


21. You make my heart go “BamBam”.


22. If I can call you “Her”, will you be my “Tear”?


23. Are you Jungkook? Because you have me “Jungshook”.


24. Your name may not be The8, but you’re The1 for me.


25. You know BTS?