4 Critical Things That Indicate A Couple Might Divorce According To A Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers say these 4 signs are clear tells of a marriage headed for divorce.

1. One of the partners is not interested in taking photos

Obviously, not everyone enjoys taking photos or selfies. However given the fact that your wedding is a special day, it’s a red flag when one of the partners is negligent towards or refuses to take photos on their wedding day. Luckily, most couples know that photography on their wedding day is important and they participate willingly. One photographer recalls a wedding where the groom shouted at her saying, “Don’t take pictures of me with that thing!” Needless to say, 3 months later the couple divorced.


2. The couple doesn’t see eye to eye on how to spend finances

Money is an important factor in all marriages; it also is the reason why some couples fail to stay together as well. One photographer recalls a situation where the groom was especially angry that the budget for the wedding was double the amount of what was expected. After a beautiful wedding with guests of over 150, the couple divorced within 6 months.


3. The couple seems to only be interested in one another physically

Couples should be attracted to one another, however, when the attraction seems only physical, this is another red sign one should look out for according to one photographer’s account. As he was taking the photos it seemed that the couple was only interested in each other’s body rather than being present with each other. Moreover, they only seemed interested in what their followers on SNS were saying about the wedding photographs. This couple divorced 1 year later after their wedding.


4. The couple fails to spend time with one another

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom usually walk together and greet the wedding guests during the reception. Couples usually love spending this time together, dancing together, and celebrating their newly married status. However, when the couple fails to greet their guests together, but alone separately, this can be another warning sign.


Source: Dispatch