Here’s 10+ Of The Cutest Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 142 That You Need To See

Everyone wanted guest Baek Jong Won’s attention!

Run BTS! is finally back! A familiar and beloved guest Baek Jong Won returned to the show in episode 142. Splitting BTS into two teams, they participated in another cooking challenge, preparing two of their favorite meals.

With anything BTS do, of course, there are bound to be lots of cute moments (they don’t even have to try). Still, this episode especially was filled with instances of the members being endearing, especially towards one another and Baek Jong Won.

Here are 10+ of the cutest moments that you need to see…

1. Jin makes putting on a mask look good

2. Jungkook joins the “Dolphin Cult”

3. Leader taking care of the eldest

4. RM’s song for kimchi

5. A mini “EatJin”

6. When V wanted Baek Jong Won’s attention too

7. Every single time Jimin stole the show

8. TaeKook’s giggle-fueled kimchi-making

9. Baek Jong Won simply being the best

10. Forever BTS’s “baby”

11. Jimin’s complicated relationship with spring onions

12. Food vloggers V and Jimin

13. RM and potatoes

14. Focused Chef Jin

Source: BTS and Image (1) and (2)


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