6 Of The Cutest Plushies From K-Dramas That Will Make You Scream “TAKE MY MONEY!”

We’ll take ten hardworking cows, please.

Watching dramas is an adventure all its own. The rollercoaster of feels. The hunger from watching them enjoy delicious Korean food. The pain of watching the MC get hurt by misunderstandings… Sometimes, dramas can feel like such a huge part of your life that you want a small part of it to actually be in your life. Aside from buying the Bluray, the best way to accomplish this is by buying merch from the drama, and everyone’s favorite merch is the kind you can cuddle, right?

1. Pig Rabbit

The pig rabbit is from the 2009 K-Drama You’re Beautiful. A hybrid of a pig plush and rabbit plush, this cute creation stole everyone’s heart when it was first seen on the small screen.

2. Boglegel

Boglegel is, as you may know, is from the super popular drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Boglegel represents the goblin himself, so it was especially popular with viewers!

3. Stuffed chicken leg

The stuffed chicken leg plush from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is ultra-cute and could serve multiple purposes based on its size alone!

4. Wolf & Bunny

The Sun Army wolf and bunny plush from the 2016 drama Descendants of the Sun are super cute and are the perfect plush set for couples.

5. Pink octopus

The pink octopus is from Legend of the Blue Sea is something you might expect to see in any Asian stationery store or crane arcade, but it’s extra special because of its inclusion in the drama.

6. Hardworking cow

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim was a hit when it was released in 2018, and when fans of the webtoon-turned-drama were introduced to the hardworking cow plush, they couldn’t get enough of it!


Do you own any of these plushies? Or are you like: