10+ Times TWICE’s Dahyun Looked Like An Actual Disney Princess

She is truly a princess!

TWICE‘s Dahyun has all the qualities of an incredible idol as well as a true princess! From her endless charm to kind heart, Dahyun resembles several Disney princesses!

Here are 10+ times TWICE’s Dahyun looked like an actual Disney princess

1. Sleeping Beauty!

With her angelic and loving personality, Dahyun matches perfectly with Sleeping Beauty (Aurora).

2. Belle

Just like Beauty and The Beast’s Belle, Dahyun is a princess who is confident, smart, and passionate.


3. Cinderella

Besides having a friendly personality, Cinderella and Dahyun can both clearly pull of some puffy sleeves!


4. Snow White

Snow White is one of the sweetest princesses out there and if you know Dahyun, then you are well aware of how selfless she is!

5. Mulan

Courageous and creative, Dahyun and princess Mulan are similar in many ways!


6. Jasmine

Jasmine is one intelligent princess who always speaks her mind! Not only is she smart, she compassionate  and loveable! If anyone one is incredibly loveable it’s Dahyun.

7. Elsa

Just like Elsa, Dahyun has proved time and time again her determined mind with her hard-working personality.

8. Tiana

There’s was nothing that could stop Tiana from chasing her dreams! Despite the obstacles, Tiana and Dahyun both persevered to reach their goal!

9. Meredith

Meredith is a total bad a** who shows her own true colors! Just like Meredith, Dahyun is bold and always stays true to herself.

10. Rapunzel

rapunzel and Dahyun both followed their dreams and became successful in the end! The two taught the world that your goals are achievable if you work hard.

11. Moana

These look too stunning near some waves! With bravery and curiosity, the two have traveled far and accomplished so much!


12. Ariel

Both are too sweet and precious for this world! Always bubbly and caring, the two are how every princess should be