10 Dance Moves That Are Seriously Underrated By Most K-Pop Fans

And now these will be the first moves you notice!

K-Pop dances are fun especially because of all the small, detailed movements that fill the routine. Yet while the “main” moves are first to be noticed, these often go under-appreciated or even unnoticed. Without these subtle-but-definitely-significant moves though, the choreographies would not feel the same. Here are 10 dance moves that really spice up the entire performance, but are seriously underrated by most K-Pop fans.

1. The Formation in EXO’s “Call Me Baby”

The way EXO moves impeccably on the beat to D.O.‘s gestures is 200% satisfying.

2. The Head Shake in Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”

Without Red Velvet‘s silly, bouncy head shakes, this “Ha ha ha!” part would not have been the same.

3. The Jump in BTS’s “Anpanman”

With a jump that high, BTS might as well be real superheroes!

4. The Star in TWICE’s “Fancy”

TWICE-star is one of the brightest in the universe, but it doesn’t get talked about as much.

5. The Nod in ASTRO’s “Crazy Sexy Cool”

You gotta admit, the way Cha Eunwoo makes the rest of ASTRO members’ heads move is kind of cool!

6. The Legworks in SEVENTEEN’s “Oh My”

When you’re SEVENTEEN, a.k.a the most synchronized dancers of K-Pop, there is no formation change that goes without a little fun.

7. The Armworks in LABOUM’s “Between Us”

There is something extremely satisfying about how gracefully this LABOUM move is executed.

8. The Page Turner in iKON’s “Love Scenario”

It simply isn’t a proper K-Pop choreography without a word-per-word interpretation of the lyrics into a dance move — like iKON‘s page-turning move to the words “last pages”.

9. The Symmetry in (G)I-DLE’s “Hann (Alone)”

(G)I-DLE makes the best use out of the fact they have an even number of members in this perfectly symmetrical move.

10. The Tunnel in Wanna One’s “Spring Breeze”

Why not walk out of an actual tunnel as you sing of tunnels? Wanna One totally aced this symbolic choreography.