6 K-Pop Idols Who Have Their Very Own “Signature” Dance Practice Looks That You Cannot Miss

How do they look so good yet dance so hard?

K-Pop dance practices exist to show off the choreography that idols work so hard to learn. Sometimes the outfits can be completely coordinated so as not to distract from the choreo:

“Don’t Know What To Do” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

Other times the outfits are picked as a special gift for the fans or the fun of the outfit:

“고민보다 GO (GOGO)” | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

And even still, sometimes the idols are allowed to just show up in what can be considered usual workout wear or street clothes:

“전야 (前夜) (The Eve)” | SMTOWN/YouTube

Amongst all these options, there are some idols who’ve developed their own unique fashion sense when it comes to dance practices. Check out the list below to see who has their own workout style.

“TT” | JYP Entertainment 

1. BTS- Jungkook

For a hot minute at the beginning of BTS‘s career, Jungkook had a certain shoe that was featured in almost all of his dance practices.

“불타오르네 (FIRE)” | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

Timberlands (sometimes known as Timbs) are a type of boot that were originally developed for outdoor use but became popular within the fashion sphere. These shoes, while stylish, are not exactly known for their danceability.

Timberlands | Timberland Store/Amazon

Jungkook frequently wore his Timberlands in the group’s dance practices earl on while still excelling at dance.

“좋아요 Part 2” | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

The distinct brown color of the boot made it easier to spot Jungkook in the dance practices as well. If ever in doubt of where he might be in a formation, just look at the feet!

“Just One Day” | BANGTANTV/YouTube

While the Timbs haven’t been. spotted in a while, we can’t help but hope they make a brief comeback in a future dance practice.

“Boy In Luv” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

2.MAMAMOO- Hwasa

A newer trend for MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa seems to be the comfy, casual grey sweatpants look.

“딩가딩가 (Dingga)” | MAMAMOO/YouTube  

This look first appeared for Hwasa around during her dance practice for her solo debut, “Twit” and reappeared for the group’s next comeback, “HIP”.

“멍청이(TWIT)” | MAMAMOO/YouTube

Between then and the group’s comeback in 2020, Hwasa had the opportunity for another solo outing. This was when she made the grey sweatpants a signature look.

“Maria” | 1MILLION Dance Studio 

Not only were they prevalent in her dance practice for her song “Maria”, but this time it appeared the sweatpants were a part of the styling for her MV as well.

“Maria” | 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube 

When the group finally had a comeback together with “Dingga” and “AYA”, the sweatpants returned as well. It’s pretty safe to say that Hwasa is the queen of grey sweatpants.

“AYA” | MAMAMOO/YouTube 

3. Stray Kids- Hyunjin (and Lee Know)

Hyunjin is a skilled member of the dance line for Stray Kids and to keep up with their intense choreography, he has to stay in shape. Based on his missing sleeves, it appears he’s ready to show off all that hard work.

“Back Door” | Stray Kids/YouTube 

In a majority of Stray Kids’ most recent dance practices, Hyunjin’s shirts are frequently absent of sleeves. But he’s not alone!

“Easy” | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Fellow dance line member Lee Know has been known to join the sleeveless team as well.

“神메뉴” | Stray Kids/YouTube 


BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has developed a full dance outfit that matches her group’s energy.

“How You Like That” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

This look is comprised of a crop top, most frequently a cropped sweatshirt with an accent underneath and either black cargo pants or black sweatpants.

“Kill This Love” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

When the group isn’t matched to each other like in their “Don’t Know What To Do” dance practice, Rosé shows off this outfit and its girl crush capabilities.


Rosé even wore a version of the outfit similar to the one she wore for “As If It’s Your Last” for her solo debut dance practice, “On The Ground”.

“On The Ground” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

5. EXO- Kai

One of EXO‘s earliest dance practices (“Growl”) ends with Kai holding his hat to the camera to end the video on a blackout. It seems that, once given a hat, Kai never let go of those hats.

“으르렁 (Growl)” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

Kai is frequently seen sporting some kind of hat as well as a dark colored, tight pant.

“Monster” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

The reason for the pants might be because of his traditional dance experience. In classical dance styles, fitted clothing is more common so instructors can see the lines of the dancer’s bodies.

“전야 (前夜) (The Eve)” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

A favorite of Kai seems to be the beanie and skinny jean combo seen in both Kai’s solo debut dance practice “Mmmh” and EXO’s most popular dance practice, “The Eve”.

“음 (Mmmh)” | EXO/YouTube 

6. TWICE- Dahyun

Of all the idols on this list, TWICE‘s Dahyun has one of the most distinct and imitable dance practice styles.

“Feel Special” | TWICE/YouTube 

For the past couple years, Dahyun has been rocking the asymmetrical sweatpants’ legs with a shirt tied into a crop top.

“More & More” | TWICE/YouTube 

The asymmetry of Dahyun’s sweatpants really fits her quirky personality and makes her easier to spot in TWICE’s large choreographies.

“Alcohol-Free” | TWICE/YouTube 

TWICE also has many choreographies that feature hair flipping so Dahyun also chooses to leave her loose adding another element to this signature look.

“Fancy” | TWICE/YouTube 

Have you ever noticed any of these idols’ signature looks? What idols do you think are missing from this list? Let us know!

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