14 Hilarious Dance Practices That Are Better Than The Real Thing

These videos will definitely make you smile.

1. BTS – “Baepsae”

When it comes to funny dance practices, BTS reigns supreme. This fun-loving group loves to release the dorkiest possible versions of their dance routines for ARMY. This “Baepsae” practice is a particular fan favourite, and is full of adlibs that will keep you laughing the whole way through!


2. TWICE – “Signal”

Like BTS, TWICE doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They giggled, bumped, and hair-flipped their way through this “Signal” practice!


3. GOT7 – “Look”

GOT7 danced with their faces just as much as they danced with their bodies in this “Magnetic” dance practice. They appealed to iGOT7s with their aegyo throughout the video and end their routine with a silly group pose.


4. Lovelyz – “Now, We”

Did someone order the cutest pajama party ever? In this dance practice video, Lovelyz show off their sweet, innocent charms while performing in pjs.


5. SEVENTEEN – “Clap”

SEVENTEEN prefaced their “Clap” practice with an amusing intro, wherein the members vacuum, exercise, set up lighting, and goof around before launching into a flawless choreography.


6. TWICE – “What Is Love?”

TWICE made this adorable version just for ONCEs! The members hug, (attempt to) kiss, and (accidentally) hit each other while perform every move with aegyo!


7. VIXX – “Hero”

VIXX loves their spooky, supernatural concepts year round, so naturally they had to do something special for Halloween. The members dance to “Hero” while dressed as super sexy vampires!


8. BTS – “War of Hormone”

BTS got straight-up ridiculous in this “real war” rendition of “War of Hormone”. The original choreography is already funny, but the members amped it up even more with their theatrical adlibs. Somehow, despite all the absurdity, they still managed to stay on beat!


9. JBJ – “Fantasy”

For Christmas, JBJ became their fans’ “Santasies” by dressing up in festive headbands. They passed around a flashing star wand, while making fans’ Christmas wishes come true with this cute version of “Fantasy”.


10. BTS – “21st Century Girl”

Look at that thumbnail. Admit it, you’re already giggling. In this Halloween-themed dance practice, BTS trips over each other (and their costumes) while horsing around to “21st Century Girl”.


11. B.A.P – “Be Happy”

JBJ isn’t the only boy group bringing Christmas cheer to fans! B.A.P dressed up in Santa costumes (complete with beards) while telling fans to “Be Happy”. After seeing this performance, you might wish these handsome Santas would pay you a visit this December!


12. MAMAMOO – “Starry Night”

MAMAMOO‘s “casual” “Starry Night” dance practice is appropriately titled, to say the least. The members spend more time fooling around than they do dancing!


13. GOT7 – “If You Do”

After watching this “mad boyfriend” version of “If You Do”, you’ll wonder what you did to make your “boyfriends” so upset. Maybe they found out you’re really a…multi-stan! Gasp!


14. BTS – “Danger”

We started this list with BTS, so it’s only right that we finish with them too! In this video, the members have far too much fun dancing in period costumes that aren’t remotely functional.