8 Idols Who Were Born For Dark K-Pop Concepts

These stars can crank up the intensity with a mere gaze.

Dark concepts are not rare in the world of K-Pop, and many groups execute creepy themes in charismatic ways. Certain performers seem to thrive in the shadows, so here are some examples of those who light the way when stages turn dark.

1. Dawn

Dawn’s usual style is playful and colorful, and it matches his unique personality well. Dye his hair a darker shade and pack his eyelids with blacks and browns, and Dawn’s gaze becomes intimidating in the best way possible.

2. NCT’s Taeyong

Taeyong doesn’t need all-black to perfect a dark concept, as his facial expressions do most of the work. With some mismatched colored contacts and heavy eye makeup, he can turn up the creep factor to highly enjoyable levels.

3. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

This Red Velvet member knows how to create a chilling stage. When her sleek, jet-black hair contrasts with her icy complexion, Seulgi’s bewitching visuals seem to cast a spell on all who look at her.


I.M’s powerful aura is undeniable, even when looking at a single image. He has a sweet smile that fans adore, but when it is replaced by a determined expression, he becomes a cool performer with a whole lot of edge.

5. Dreamcatcher’s Handong

Her real-life personality leans more towards the shy side, but Handong’s onstage persona is nightmarishly fascinating. She rocks black outfits and lace, and doesn’t need many accessories to make her presence known.

6. Mamamoo’s Hwasa

Whether she’s showing more of her sun-kissed skin, or hiding it behind layers of black, Hwasa’s intense gaze and effortless movements make her the perfect candidate for gothic concepts.

7. CLC’s Yeeun

It only takes a single glimpse to recognize that Yeeun is a fierce performer, and this badass rapper certainly knows how to make shivers go down the spines of her audience.

8. TXT’s Yeonjun

He’s the fake maknae of the group, and is loved for his cute, energetic nature. The fact that he can pull off a lip piercing and chunky chains in a way that doesn’t feel awkward, makes his transformation all the more enjoyable to see.

These idols definitely make the darkness a more inviting place.