5 Reasons Dating In Korea Isn’t A K-Drama Romance For Foreign Women

Reality is much different, especially for foreigners.

Since Korean dramas have become popular worldwide, international viewers dream of experiencing their own K-Drama romance—especially with a Korean man. However, reality is much different than fiction. Foreign women of different ethnicities shared why it was the complete opposite of a fairytale.

1. Cheating

Like everywhere else in the world, cheating is a common problem in Korean dating. But some Korean men take it further. They take advantage of foreign women by having a Korean and foreign girlfriend at the same time.

Normally foreigners are here for a short time, like one year or six months. So Koreans tend to have two girlfriends by then, like the foreigner girlfriend and the Korean girlfriend.

— Foreigner

2. Stereotypes

Despite seeking out genuine relationships, many foreign women shared the experience of Korean men treating them as “easy” to get into bed with and manipulating them into a relationship for sex.

They see foreign girls as easy. So a lot of it is for a hookup. So in a week, you’re already a girlfriend because they’re just trying to get in your pants.

— Foreigner

3. Parents’ Influence

Because family is important in Korean society, many Korean men follow their parents’ advice when dating. So they end relationships as soon as their parents say to—even if they’ve spent seven years together.

You can have a real relationship, but if the parents don’t agree with that, many Koreans will just stop the relationship.

— Foreigner

4. Constant Contact

Since being in constant contact is part of how Koreans date and show interest, it can come across as “too clingy” to foreign women.

They get obsessed with you too quickly. They call you all the time. They text you all the time. If you don’t text them within one hour, they start bombarding you with messages.

— Foreigner

5. Language Barrier

Since foreigners come to Korea to learn the language and Koreans don’t necessarily speak English, it can be difficult for them to talk with each other. It’s even more difficult when you add emotions.

We couldn’t really communicate and understand ourselves really well because, by then, my Korean was really bad. And he didn’t speak English.

— Foreigner

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