DAY6 Teaches 10 K-Pop Slang Words You Need To Know

You’ll definitely learn something new.

In a video with Vanity Fair, DAY6 decided to teach everyone K-Pop slang words they should know, from the simpler terms to a bit more complicated ones.


1. Simkung

Dowoon described it best by saying “heart attack.” Jae elaborated by explaining that it’s more like being attacked by something cute.

2. Jjang

Sungjin instantly said, “Super,” while Jae said, “The best.” The latter even gave an example: “You are jjang.”

3. Killing Part

Jae reassured everyone this phrase wasn’t as bad as it sounded. It’s simply the part of the song that everyone remembers most.

4. Gayo

Young K translated it literally, meaning popular song. Jae explained it more like “a category of Korean songs.”

5. Ddaechang

They all agreed it’s a moment where everyone is singing along. Jae described it as the audience singing along to their music.

6. Ah Ah

Young K explained it as a shortened way to say Iced Americano, by taking the first syllables of both words and putting them together.

7. Inssa

This is another shortened version, this time from the word insider. It’s “a sociable, well-liked person.”

8. Honbob

It’s a shortened way to say that someone is having a meal by themselves.

9. Hul

This word is more like a sound effect used to express a variety of emotions, from excited to sad.

10. Jyutjalssa

Young K explained it as a shortened phrase, meaning “We lost, but good fight.”


Did you learn any words you hadn’t known before? Listen to DAY6 as they make their way through the words here.