Netizens Chose Their Top 10 Debut Tracks From K-Pop Boy Groups, And Here Are Their Picks

Do you remember any of the songs?

When a K-Pop group releases their first song, it is normally one of the most important tracks they will ever make. For many, it is a way to capture the hearts of fans and slowly build up a following that will be with the group through the best and worst times.

In a recent online poll, netizens discussed some of their favorite debut songs from boy groups, and here are their top 10 choices.

10. “Valkyrie” – ONEUS

Released in 2019, ONEUS’s debut track “Valkyrie” was met with gleaming reviews that helped cement their status as “Stage Geniuses.” Unlike many group’s first songs, this more dark and gothic song showcased their singing and dancing skills and their ability to tell a story through their performances.

9. “The 7th Sense” – NCT U

In 2016, NCT U debuted with the unique concept of having different members promote depending on the song’s concept. The unit’s first song, “The 7th Sense,” stood out for many reasons, including its mixture of music styles, minimalistic video, and cinematography which fans love.

8. “CROWN” – TXT

When TXT debuted, they immediately caught the attention of fans in many ways. In particular, their 2019 debut track “CROWN” seemed to be the perfect introduction to the group. The bright colors and bubble-pop feeling were the perfect way to represent youth and freshness from the young idols.

7. “Movie Star” – CIX

When CIX debuted in 2019 with “Move Star,” many fans thought it was the stand-out rookie track of the year. Like many other tracks released that year, the concept was much darker than previous debuts. The song combined a unique tempo, drama, and beautiful aesthetics throughout, showcasing the member’s talents.


In 2016, ASTRO burst into the K-Pop scene with their upbeat and catchy track “HIDE&SEEK.” At the time, it was the perfect concept for the group showcasing their freshness, good looks, and also their extreme talent. From the peppy outfits to bright colors, it undoubtedly stood out in a year dominated by boy group debuts.

5. “Trespass” – MONSTA X

In 2015, MONSTA X debuted with their track “Trespass” and, compared to their current sophisticated image, exuded bad-boy vibes. The track was upbeat, catchy and quickly allowed K-Pop fans to fall in love with the group. In particular, the video showcased both the member’s charisma but also humor that Monbebe love.

4. “District 9” – Stray Kids

After their pre-debut activities, Stray Kids officially debuted in 2018 with their track “District 9.” With power and drama, it showcased all of the members’ unique personalities and their immense talent in vocals, rap, and dancing. For many, this set the standard for debut tracks and continues to be a masterpiece in 2021.

3. “Breathe” – AB6IX

In 2019, AB6IX released their track “Breathe,” and it immediately made an impact with K-Pop fans worldwide. The song itself has many layers combining the different vocal and rap tones of the members. The aesthetically pleasing music video creates a track that is memorable and easy to fall in love with.

2. “Girls Girls Girls” – GOT7

Just missing out on the top spot was GOT7’s track “Girls Girls Girls.” Released in 2014, the song quickly shot up the charts, and it was rumored that it was the silver lining for JYP Entertainment, which was struggling at the time. Not only was the song amazing, but the 5-minute music video really told a story fans fell in love with.

1. “Energetic” – Wanna One

The track that took first place was the 2017 track by Wanna One, a group formed by Mnet‘s show Produce 101. Produced by PENTAGON‘s HuiWooseok, and Flow Blow, it was a track that gained success in both Korea and worldwide. The song is bright, colorful, and the perfect way to ensure all the members’ talents were on show.

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