10+ Deleted BLACKPINK Posts That Prove The Internet Is Forever

Fans saved these posts faster than BLACKPINK could delete them.

Most people can delete posts without anybody noticing, but most people don’t have millions of fans. Whenever BLACKPINK‘s members post photos on their Instagram accounts (@lalalalisa_m, @roses_are_rosie, @sooyaaa__, and @jennierubyjane), fans immediately save to their own collections. Here are 10+ deleted posts that are still around, thanks to BLINK!

1. Rosé’s Photoshop skills

When Rosé posted photos with singer Halsey she quickly realizes that something shouldn’t be there: her iPhone!

To hide the brand, she deleted the post, edited the telltale lenses on her phone, then reuploaded the new photo.

2. Jisoo’s deleting spree

Out of all the members, Jisoo has probably deleted and stored the most Instagram photos. Luckily, fans are quick to save them! Here are a few photos that vanished, but also didn’t.

3. Lisa’s date-dropping blunder

When Lisa first shared this teaser photo for “How You Like That” on Instagram, she included the date “June 5, 2020”.

Before long, the post was gone and a new story was in its place, sans date.

4. Jennie, Mino, and the brand that’s not allowed

Jennie uploaded this photo of herself with WINNER‘s Mino at an art gallery, but before long it was deleted. Was it because of the phone? Nope! That’s a Samsung. Phew! The problem was Jennie’s shoes.

Since she is supposed to be representing Addidas, Jennie deleted her post, cropped out her shoes, then reposted the photos.

5. Lisa’s poster 24/365 reveal

Uh oh. Spoiler alert? Lisa quickly deleted an Instagram story after “accidentally” sharing this poster for the show 24/365 with BLACKPINK. 

Unfortunately, BLINKs were just too quick! Lisa’s deleted story is still floating around on Twitter.

6. Rosé’s fangirl edit

Rosé deleted an Instagram story that hyped the solo single “HERE WE ARE” by Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley. Why? It just wasn’t fangirly enough!

She shared the story again with the caption “get it gurl”.

7. Jennie undying love for iPhone

Like many Samsung promoters, Jennie just can’t give up her iPhone. According to fans, she deleted this photo…

…then reuploaded it after cropping out her phone.

8. The secret in Jennie’s spoon

She also deleted this photo because her iPhone can be seen in the spoon’s reflection.

9. Rosé’s birthday post for Lisa

Rosé deleted her “Happy Birthday” story for Lisa after realizing that she had forgotten to tag the birthday girl in it.

10. More missing Jisoo photos

These photos are still making their way through cyberspace thanks to the BLINKs who treasure them.

The Internet Is Forever