8 Deleted GOT7 Posts That Prove The Internet Is Forever

These photos aren’t going anywhere, thanks to fans.

Once you post something on the internet, it’s here to stay, and nobody knows it like GOT7. Whenever the members post on their Instagram accounts, (@jaybnow.hr, @mark_tuan, @jacksonwang852g7, @jinyoung_0922jy, @333cyj333, @bambam1a, and @yu_gyeom) fans save the posts faster than they can be deleted. Here are 8 posts that are still around because of Ahgase!

1. Jackson’s unnecessary but appreciated editing efforts

Rather than editing this Instagram post, Jackson went the extra mile by starting from scratch.

Why? He wanted to add one more fire emoji, that’s why. The video is lit! 

2. BamBam’s ironic Instagram story

BamBam posted this expectation vs reality story to show the difference between Instagram photos and real life, but the reality is that his “temporary” post will live on forever!

3. JB’s fun with filters

When JB posted these unrecognizable selfies, some Korean netizens thought the photos were just too ugly. Some even criticized JB for ruining his image as an idol, but some international fans saved the photos.

Why? Because they love seeing JB having fun, and because they feel that idols don’t have to look flawless 24/7.

4. Jinyoung’s immortal photos

Jinyoung has deleted/archived many photos on Instagram, but fans say, “not on my watch!” They’ve saved them all, and these are just a few of them.

5. Yellow hair, don’t care!

Yugyeom‘s popsicle-yellow hair photos might be gone from his Instagram, but they live on Twitter now. Hurray!

6. Mark’s handsomeness

Why did Mark delete a video of his gorgeous face? Maybe it was to make the rest of us feel better about our own! We might never know the true reason, but at least we can still watch the video while trying to come up with an answer.

7. Youngjae’s missing photos

Youngjae wiped his Instagram clean and started fresh. Some fans wanted to cry when they realized so many photos were gone, but never fear. Ahgases still have them, and these are just a few.

8. That time JB deleted his entire Instagram account, @defjeffb

Deleting a post is one thing, but deleting a whole account? Thankfully, Ahgases saved most, if not all of JB’s old Instagram photos for posterity.

The Internet Is Forever