Then And Now: The Cast Of “Descendants of the Sun”

You’ll never guess which cast member went on to haunt Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun.

1. Song Joong Ki

Joong Ki played the role of Yoo Si Jin, the Captain and team leader of Alpha Team, an elite special forces team.


Following the popularity of Descendants of the Sun, he became a leader of the Hallyu wave and was appointed Korean Tourism Honorary Ambassador by the Korea Tourism Organization.

He married co-star Song Hye Gyo about a year after the drama aired!


2. Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won played the gorgeous and capable First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Ju, an army doctor and daughter of the Special Forces Brigade’s commander.

She was already rising in popularity with her roles in The Heirs and Gap-dong, however, after her performance in Descendants she became a Hallyu star.


She was cast in her first leading role in Fight for My Way which was a huge success and solidified her status as a leading lady.


3. Onew

Before the drama, Onew starred in various musicals and had cameo roles in dramas as well.


This was his first full role in a drama, and he was awarded the “Newcomer Scene Stealer Award” at the 2016 Scene Stealer Festival for his performance.


Most recently, he has been busy with SHINee’s latest album “The Story of Light”.


4. Kim Byeong Cheol

Kim Byeong Cheol was another hilarious scene stealer, as Lieutenant Colonel Park Byung Soo.


He continued to appear in Director Kim Eun Sook’s works like Goblin as the vengeful ghost of the evil eunuch Park Joong Hoon and former slave hunter Il Shik in Mr.Sunshine.


5. Park Hwan Hee

Park Hwan Hee became known as the cute nurse Choi Minji in the popular drama.


After the drama she also featured in Jealousy Incarnate and landed her first leading role for Are You Human Too? 


She is also known as the mother of Hyeong Seop, her 7-year-old son with ex-husband rapper Bill Stax (fomerly known as Vasco).


6. Cho Tae Gwan

Also known as Jasper Cho, he played the handsome doctor Daniel Spencer.


He has been a talent in Canada since 2007 and broke into the Korean industry by competing in Superstar K 6 back in 2014.


Descendants of the Sun was his first acting role and since then he was cast as the host of Showbiz Korea. 


7. Kim Min Seok

Playing the troublemaker-turned-soldier Kim Ki Bum, he stole many hearts with his adorable demeanour.


In the same year Descendants of the Sun was released, he also starred in The Doctors and won the Best New Actor award at the Baeksang Arts Awards.


He’s gone on to act in many projects on the big screen and silver screen, while also appearing on variety shows like Law of the Jungle and It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.


8. Jin Goo

Jin Goo debuted back in 2003, and in 2009 his role in the film Mother earned him recognition from the Grand Bell Awards, the Blue Dragon Film Awards, and the University Film Festival of Korea.


He was recognized for his performance in Descendants of the Sun by the Indonesian Television Awards, APAN Star Awards, Asia Artist Awards, and the KBS Drama Awards.


He went on to star in several films and dramas like Night Light, One Line, and Untouchable.  


9. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo has been in many internationally famous works like Autumn in my Heart and Full House, making her a pioneer of the Hallyu wave.


Descendants of the Sun re-established her as a leader of Hallyu and won a Daesang at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards, along with co-star and husband Song Joong Ki.