Despite Disbanding, Here Are 10 Gifs Showing That The Bond Between The WANNA ONE Members Lasts Forever

Despite disbanding, they still interact with each other a lot.

WANNA ONE has been disbanded for a little over a year now.

Despite disbanding, the WANNA ONE members remain close and interact with each other whenever they can. Here are 10 gifs of the WANNA ONE members interacting (post-disbandment)

1. Some of the members becoming a team again

2. Jihoon smiling as he sees Minhyun

3. Daniel and Jinyoung

4. Sungwoon and Jihoon dancing to “Pick Me”

5. Sungwoon babying Daehwi

6. A hug between the main vocals

7. Seongwoo smiling as he congratulates Daniel

8. Minhyun embracing Jaehwan

9. Main vocals dancing along

10. Just being excited to see each other

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